Ezra Taft Benson, July 27 1943

-- July 27 1943
High point [of the day] was my call to my sweet and faithful wife [Flora] in Bethesda, Md. [Maryland]. When I told her of the appointment she said how wonderful she felt it was and expressed her complete confidence I could measure up. It was reassuring to talk to her. She has always shown more faith in me than I have myself. We both decided we should plan to attend the Salt Lake [general] conference in October. (1)

-- Oct 1, 1943
This of all days is the most significant in my life. I shall never forget it. In the opening session of the 114th Semi-Annual Conference I was sustained as the youngest and junior member of the Quorum of Twelve [Apostles] and called upon to address the great conference of stake and ward officers of the Priesthood.

The Lord richly blessed me altho I was almost overcome with emotion, and my heart is full of gratitude for this great and glorious honor which has come to one of His weak servants, that I found it difficult to speak.

... Before and after the conference we posed as a Quorum for pictures for the papers. We visited with friends and loved ones and received the affectionate hands of our brethren of the General Authorities.

Bro. Kimball and I received some valuable instructions from Pres. George Albert Smith regarding our duties. Among other things he urged to us to maintain and continue our contacts with people outside the Church in an official and semi-official capacity as an important part of our work as missionaries and special witnesses of the Lord. He encouraged us not to write our talks unless on a radio program which requires a manuscript. In so advising us he stated he was but repeating the admonition of Pres. Grant to give the Spirit an opportunity to operate. He said some of the brethren have somewhat formed the habit of writing their talks and were finding it difficult to do otherwise.

He also urged us to accept assignments cheerfully without making excuses and urged us to ask questions and come frequently for help.

In the evening, we joined with Bros & Srs [Brothers and Sisters] Kimball, David Smith, Pres Idaho Falls Temple, [ElRay L.] Christiansen, Pres Logan Temple, Joseph F. Smith, Patriarch at the lovely home of Bro. & Sr. S[t]ephen L. Richards for a lovely chicken dinner and evening of music, story telling and delightful conversation. (1)

-- Oct. 2 1943
This has been another glorious day. Attended a breakfast meeting at 8:00 a.m. for presidents of outlying stakes sponsored by Mark Peterson Mgr [Manager] and other members of Deseret News staff. Attended three [general] conference sessions at 12–2 and 7 and enjoyed to the full the inspiring sermons and mingling with the brethren. For the first time in my life my right hand is acheing [sic] from the warm handshakes of the brethren. (1)

1 - Ezra Taft Benson diary as quoted in Gary James Bergera, '"This Great Thing Which Has Come to Me a Humble, Weak Farmer Boy": Ezra Taft Benson's 1943 Call to the Apostleship', Mormon Historical Studies (Fall 2008, v.9)

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