LDS History, 1810 Mar 13

-- 1810 Mar 13
[Lucy Mack Smith] Birth of Ephraim. (LucyM)

-- 1810 Mar 24
[Lucy Mack Smith] Death of Ephraim. (LucyM)

-- 1810, November 9
[Wilford Woodruff] His father marries Azubah Hart. (P-RS-Woodruff)

-- 1811
[Heber C. Kimball] Moves to West Bloomfield Village, Bloomfield Township, Ontario County, New York. (HCK)

-- 1811 Mar 13
[Lucy Mack Smith] Birth of William. (LucyM)

-- 1811 Apr
[Lucy Mack Smith] First in series of seven visions received by Joseph Smith Sr. (1811-19). (LucyM)

-- 1811 Summer
[Lucy Mack Smith] Move to Lebanon, N.H. (LucyM)

-- 1812/13
[Lucy Mack Smith] Typhoid fever epidemic. All Smith children contract the disease. (LucyM)

-- 1812 July 28
[Lucy Mack Smith] Birth of Catharine. (LucyM)

-- ca. 1813
[Joseph Smith] (age 7)Contracts typhoid fever; complications require surgery on his left leg. At this time, the Smith family was living in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, one of several places to which the family moved between 1808 and 1816 in search of opportunities for work. (P-RS-JS)

-- 1813
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr.s leg operation. (LucyM)

-- 1813
[U.S. Religious History] England, Toleration Act extended to Unitarians (1813) (Backman)

-- 1814
[Lucy Mack Smith] Move from Lebanon, N.H., to Norwich, Vt. (LucyM)

-- 1814, April 3
Lorenzo Snow (1814-1901) b. Mantua, Portage Co., OH. (EofM)

-- 1814 3 April
Lorenzo Snow born in Mantua, Ohio. (Hemidakota)

-- 1814 Fall
[Lucy Mack Smith] Complete crop failures for the Smiths in Norwich. (LucyM)

-- 1815-21
[Brigham Young] Mother dies; Brigham begins to earn his own way in life, eventually becoming a carpenter. (P-RS-BY)

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