LDS History, 14 May 1841

-- 14 May 1841
[Lucy Mack Smith] Martha Ann Smith, second child and first daughter of Mary Fielding Smith and Hyrum Smith, is born at Nauvoo; she is Hyrum's eighth child. (1)

-- 1841 May 20
[Wilford Woodruff] Arrives in New York (2)

-- 1 June 1841
[Lucy Mack Smith] Hyrum and William Law leave on a mission to the East. From Pittsburgh, they report that John C. Bennett has abandoned his wife and child. Bennett takes poison in an apparent suicide attempt dramatizing his remorse but recovers and is allowed to retain his positions. (1)

-- June 4, 1841
[Joseph Smith] Quincy, Illinois. After an agreeable meeting with Thomas Carlin, the governor of Illinois, Governor Carlin betrayed Joseph Smith by sending Sheriff Thomas King of Adams County to arrest him. (3)

-- 1841 June 4
[Lucy Mack Smith] Arrested on old Missouri charges. (4)

-- June 5, 1841
[Joseph Smith] Bear Creek, Illinois. Joseph Smith was arrested on a warrant from Thomas Carlin, governor of Illinois, and was charged as a fugitive from justice. He returned to Quincy and obtained a writ of habeas corpus. (3)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph is arrested and a trial is held to decide if he should be sent back to Missouri. Joseph is let go. (5)

-- 5 June 1841
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph is arrested at Bear Creek for extradition to Missouri, obtains a writ of habeas corpus at Quincy, and has a hearing before Judge Stephen A. Douglas at Monmouth, Warren County (9 June), at which he is released. (1)

-- June 7, 1841
[Joseph Smith] Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith started very early for his court hearing in Monmouth, Illinois, a 75-mile journey, accompanied by Sheriff Thomas King, the arresting officer from Adams County, (3)

-- June 8, 1841
[Joseph Smith] Monmouth, Illinois. Joseph Smith arrived at Monmouth to stand trial before Judge Stephen A. Douglas and found the public stirring with curiosity. (3)

-- June 9, 1841
[Joseph Smith] Monmouth, Illinois. Joseph Smith stood trial and was represented by Orville H. Browning, who eloquently defended him. (3)

-- 1841 June 9
[Lucy Mack Smith] Two-day trial begins at Monmouth, Ill., before Judge Stephen Douglas. (4)

-- June 10, 1841
[Joseph Smith] Monmouth, Illinois. On a technicality, Judge Stephen A. Douglas ruled that that Joseph Smiths writ was illegal and discharged him from the arrest warrant. (3)

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