LDS History, Jun 9, 1907

-- Jun 9, 1907
[Quorum of the Twelve] George Teasdale dies. (1)

-- During 1907 June
George Albert Smith purchased 100-acre Smith Farm in Manchester, New York, for the Church. (2)

-- During 1907, June
[Spencer W. Kimball] His father marries Josephine Cluff. (3)

-- Oct 6, 1907
[Quorum of the Twelve] Anthony W. Ivins ordained. (1)

-- Nov 14, 1907
Howard W. Hunter born in Boise, Idaho. (2)

-- Dec 7, 1907
Charles W. Nibley became presiding bishop and began implementing several financial changes, including a shift to an all-cash policy in collecting tithing. (2)

-- Dec 14, 1907
For the first time, European Church Members are urged not to immigrate to the United States, via a letter to the Saints in the the Netherlands. Prior to this Letter, new converts were encouraged to gather with other Saints in the Western Areas of the United States. (4)

-- 1907
Church Membership at end of year: 357,913
New Converts : 12,899
Percent Change from previous year: 3.74% (5)

Church established Zions Printing and Publishing Company in Independence, Missouri. (2)

[Joseph Smith] February 20 - After more than two years of hearings, the Smoot Hearings are resolved by a vote. The republican majority overturns objections to his seating. Reed Smoot serves another 26 years. (6)

[Joseph Smith] The church becomes debt-free. (6)

-- During 1907-1913
[Periodicals] Elder's Messenger; New Zealand Mission Auckland, New Zealand (Changed to Messenger, 1908) (Periodical) (7)

-- During 1907-1945
[Periodicals] Liahona, The; B.F. Cummings Independence, Missouri (Changed to Liahona The Elders' Journal 1907) (Periodical) (7)

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