LDS History, May 17, 1910

-- May 17, 1910
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Leaves for Liverpool, England, arriving on 4 June 1910. (1)

-- Jun 23, 1910
Gordon B. Hinckley born in Salt Lake City. (2)

-- Jul 20, 1910
[U.S. Religious History] The Christian Endeavor Society of Missouri, an early forerunner of the American Religious Right, instituted a campaign to ban movies depicting kissing between non-relatives. (3)

-- Sep 1, 1910
The first recordings of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir are made for the Columbia Phonograph Company. (4)

-- 1910
Church Membership at end of year: 398,478
New Converts : 21,199
Percent Change from previous year: 5.62% (5)

[Deseret] Rainbow Bridge made a National Monument. (6)

-- During 1910-1940
[Periodicals] Utah Genealogical and Historical Society of Utah Magazine; Genealogical Salt Lake City, Utah (Periodical) (7)

-- Mar 13, 1911
[U.S. Religious History] L. Ron Hubbard, science-fiction author and founder of Scientology, was born. (3)

-- Apr 15, 1911
Collier's magazine published a letter from U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt refuting false charges made against the Church. (2)

-- During 1911 June
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Goes East with other members of the Utah Capitol Commission to visit a number of state government buildings to get ideas for the new Utah capitol building. (8)

-- Oct 13, 1911 - 7 December 1911
[1st Presidency Changes] Joseph F. Smith Anthon H. Lund Death of John Henry Smith (9)

-- Oct 13, 1911
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Dies at home of Josephine in Salt Lake City at the age of sixty-three. (8)

[Quorum of the Twelve] John Henry Smith dies. (10)

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