LDS History, Aug 8, 1938

-- Aug 8, 1938
J. Reuben Clark Jr. delivered address entitled "The Charted Course of the Church in Education." (1)

-- Aug 14, 1938
The first Deseret Industries store opened in Salt Lake City to provide work opportunities for the elderly and handicapped. Part of the Welfare Program, a growing network of stores still offers used furniture, clothing and other items. (2)

First Deseret Industries opened. (1)

-- During September 1938
[Media] “The Fullness of Times”, a dramatic radio series presenting the history of the LDS Church, began its broadcast. Gordon B. Hinckley was one of the script writers for this radio drama. (3)

-- During 1938 November
The Genealogical Society of Utah had its own camera and began microfilming baptism and sealing records of the Salt Lake, Logan, Manti and St. George temples. (2)

Nauvoo Temple sealing records became first genealogical records microfilmed by the Church. (1)

-- During November 1938
[Media] The first involvement of the Church in television was in Stockholm, Sweden when a missionary quartet appeared on screen and sang American songs. The four young inexperienced singers were on the same program with many of Sweden’s leading entertainers. Their performance was received warmly by a large and appreciative audience. (3)

-- 1938
Church Membership at end of year: 784,764
New Converts : 17,012
Percent Change from previous year: 2.22% (4)

Deseret Industries Program established. (5)

Inauguration of microfilming of genealogical records by Genealogical Society. (5)

Church Security Program renamed Welfare Program. (1)

General Church Board of Education formed, composed of general authorities, to replace local boards. (1)

[Utah] First chairlift opens at Alta, constructed from mining hoist parts and financed by Salt Lake businessmen. (6)

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