LDS History, Feb 6, 1928

-- Feb 6, 1928
The First Presidency authorizes the purchase of Hill Cumorah. This is where Moroni buried the Gold Plates, and later, where Joseph Smith retrieved them, with the permission of God. (1)

-- 1928
Church Membership at end of year: 655,686
New Converts : 10,941
Percent Change from previous year: 1.70% (2)

Priesthood quorums began meeting during the Sunday School hour for gospel instruction under a correlated experiment lasting 10 years. This priesthood Sunday School experiment included classes for all age groups, with Tuesday evening reserved as an activity night for both priesthood and young women. (3)

The Church purchased Hill Cumorah in western New York. (3)

The YMMIA introduced a Vanguard program for 15- and 16-year-old boys. After the National Boy Scout organization created the Explorer program in 1933, patterned in part after the Vanguards, the Church adopted Explorer Scouting. (3)

100th stake organized at Lehi, Utah. (4)

Adult Sunday School class named Gospel Doctrine. (4)

Large portion of the Hill Cumorah purchased by the Church. (4)

-- During 1928-
[Periodicals] L'Etoile; French Mission Geneva, Switzerland (Changed to La Nouvelle Liege, Belgium, and e Etoile 1963; changed Lyon, France to L'Etoile 1967; (Unified 1967) Frankfurt, Germany FRENCH (Periodical) (5)

-- During 1928
[Utah] Bryce Canyon National Park is established. (6)

-- Jul 15, 1929
The Tabernacle Choir started a weekly network radio broadcast on NBC. Richard L. Evans joined the program with his sermonettes in June 1930. "Music and the Spoken Word" eventually switched to KSL Radio on the CBS network, and has since become the longest continuing network radio broadcast in history. (3)

Tabernacle Choir began weekly network radio broadcasts. [See Mormon Tabernacle Choir Broadcasts.] (7)

Tabernacle Choir began weekly network broadcasting. (4)

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