Lorenzo Snow, Jul 20, 1896; Monday

-- Jul 20, 1896; Monday
The First Presidency were all at their office this morning, President George Q. Cannon exhibiting remarkable fortitude considering his recent sad bereavement. President Lorenzo Snow conferred with them in reference to the funeral of the deceased Apostle. It was decided that the funeral should be held in the Tabernacle on Sunday, July 26, at 2 P.M. The

deceased having expressed a wish that his remains should be kept a week before interment. The ceremonies to be conducted by the Quorum of the Twelve. A committee of the Apostles was appointed to attend to all the details. ...

The subject of Moses Thatcher's case was considered, and in view of the request of some of his family that further time be granted, his case was postponed without date. (1)

-- 13 September 1896
[Wife of Lorenzo Snow] Death of wife Eleanor Houtz (2)

-- Sep 15, 1896
Brother Abraham Fernandez, a member of the Honolulu Branch of the Church, an Hawaiian, called on the First Presidency at their office this morning, bearing a recommend from Elder Samuel E. Woolley, President of the Sandwich Islands Mission, as worthy to receive his endowments. Brother Fernandez was on a visit to his fellow countrymen at Josepa [Utah]. President [Wilford] Woodruff signed the recommend, that he might receive the blessings of the House of the Lord. [September 17, 1896; Journal History; Franklin D. Richards, Diary; Brigham Young Jr., Diary; Marriner Wood Merrill, Diary]

The First Presidency and Apostles met at the Temple at 11 A.M. Present: Presidents W[ilford]. Woodruff, G[eorge]. Q. Cannon, J[oseph]. F. Smith and L[orenzo]. Snow; Elders F[ranklin]. D. Richards, B[righam]. Young [Jr.], F[rancis]. M. Lyman, J[ohn]. H[enry]. Smith, G[eorge]. Teasdale, H[eber]. J. Grant, M[arriner]. W[ood]. Merrill, John W. Taylor and A[nthon]. H. Lund. President Woodruff spoke to the Council in relation to Brother Moses Thatcher. He said that in view of the fact that Brother Thatcher's health had greatly improved, and the October Conference was near at hand, he considered it was the duty of the Council to take some action in reference to his case. President Snow thought that Brother Thatcher ought to be invited to appear before his brethren, that his fellowship as an Apostle might be determined upon. Brother John Henry Smith explained that Brother Thatcher had himself placed under treatment for the morphine habit, and had consented to restraint which virtually made him a prisoner until the time of the contract for treatment had expired. When his health was fully restored, Brother Smith thought he should be then required to appear before his quorum. Elder Brigham Young stated that when he and Brother F[ranklin]. D. Richards last met Brother Thatcher, he stated that when his health permitted he would appear before his brethren and sustain his position from the Doctrine and Covenants. President Woodruff thought that another General Conference should not be allowed to pass without some action on Brother Thatcher's case, and the people be made acquainted with it. President Joseph F. Smith, Elders F[ranklin]. D. Richards, F[rancis]. M. Lyman and A[nthon]. H. Lund each expressed themselves on the subject to the effect that it would be necessary for Brother Thatcher, not only to acknowledge the right of this Council to issue the Declaration of Principles, but also to place himself in harmony with his brethren, as he had been out of harmony with the Presiding authorities for years. It was resolved that Elders Brigham Young, F[rancis]. M. Lyman and John Henry Smith, be appointed to wait upon Brother Moses Thatcher and convey to him the mind of the Council on this matter. It was also decided that President Orson Smith of Cache [Utah] Stake be informed that it was the mind of the Council that if Brother Geo[rge]. W. Thatcher could not place himself in harmony with the Presiding authorities, he ought to resign his position as a member of the General Church Board of education and other official positions in the Church; also that Brother Brigham Young communicate this to Brother Geo[rge]. W. Thatcher. At 11 a.m. The 3 presidency and 10 of the Apostles all living (except M[oses]. Thatcher) considered Bro[ther]. Thatcher's position and B[righam] Y[oung] [Jr.], F[rancis] M L[yman] & J[ohn] H[enry] S[mith] were appointed to visit Br[other] M[oses] T[hatcher] & convey instruction of council to him.

Gov[ernor]. Heber M. Wells & Senator F[rank] J Cannon came in when politics of the state was considered—After mature deliberation in which the Governor & senator participated as well as each of the Presidency and several of the Apostles. It was decided not to take public part in either of the party's politics as for silver or for the Gold men's party notions. It was imperative that I be home to this council meeting in the Temple. Met at 11 a.m. Pres[iden]ts felt well. Had a long & interesting talk on the situation. Committee of B[righam]. Y[oung]. [Jr.] F[rancis]. M. L[yman]. & J[oh]n. H[enry]. S[mith] were appointed to wait up Moses Thatcher with ultimatum of the Council. Our Quorum can stand his conduct no longer; he has health to go anywhere he likes and maintains his opposition to the church wherever he goes but never attempts to meet with his quorum or even enquired if they want him. Poor Moses I fear he has passed beyond the influence of his leaders.

I left Logan [Utah] on Freight Train at 8 PM in answer to a Telegram from Pres[iden]t Geo[rge] Q Cannon to be in Salt lake to day to attend an important Meeting ... arrived in Salt Lake at 9 AM attended Meeting at the Temple where Moses Thatchers case was again discussed and a Committee of Three Viz John H[enry] Smith B[righam] Young [Jr.] and F[rancis]. M. Lyman to make a final visit to Him and take the ultimatum of His Quorum and the Presidency to Him, after which Sen[a]tor F[rank] J Cannon and Gov[ernor] Heber M Wells was called in and Political [politics] was discused at length the silver sentiment Prevailed. (3)

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