Lorenzo Snow, Mar 31, 1896; Tuesday

-- Mar 31, 1896; Tuesday
...[Lorenzo Snow] wanted to know what success had attended the efforts of Bro[ther]s [Franklin D.] Richards and [Heber J.] Grant in laboring with Elder Moses Thatcher. Bro[ther] Richards explained, as so also did I, that we were not aware that we had been appointed to talk with Bro[ther] Moses, but that there had simply been some informal remarks made about the matter and that it would be well for us to visit him. Brigham Young, Lorenzo Young, Myself, Francis M. Lyman and Franklin D. Richards all expressed ourselves regarding Bro[ther] Moses' condition. These brethren not only felt that Bro[ther] Moses' physical condition was very serious indeed, but they also felt that he was in a very dangerous position spiritually. After the remarks of the brethren

our meeting adjourned until 2 pm. (1)

-- Mar 31, 1896
Pres[iden]ts. Geo[rge]. Q. Cannon and Jos[eph]. F. Smith went to Ogden [Utah] on business connected with the Pioneer Power Company. Pres[iden]t. [Wilford] Woodruff appropriated $50 in favor of sister Davis of Malad [Idaho].

Meeting of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the Temple. Opening prayer by Bro[ther]. Lorenzo Snow.

Bro[ther]. Lorenzo Snow expressed his pleasure at being able to meet with his brethren under such favorable circumstances. Felt to say, God bless you, my brethren. Stated ... it was our duty to study carefully our natures and dispositions and learn to control ourselves that we should know each and every desire of our heart, and strive to have our desires always for the right ... We should not allow pride and a desire to please people and get their good will to be a ruling motive with us. Should be satisfied in our own spirits that what we do is right without regard to the praise or condemnation fo men ... When we talk we should not try to talk to please the people. Never mind what the people think but speak as you are inspired to so to do. The ancient prophets had to do many things which brought them into disgrace, and we may have to do the same, and our reputations in the eyes of men may be destroyed. But we have got to sacrifice ourselves if necessary for the advancement of God's kingdom. I say, brethren, God will bless you, provided you are true and faithful. Said that we should desire to live until the Lord Jesus came, and that he knew that it was possible that the brethren could so live as to preserve their bodies and renew them sufficiently to be enabled to live until the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Said that the brethren by care and faith were entitled to live and that there was no necessity for them to have their bodies buried in the ground. Stated that he did not know that it was his privilege, because of his advanced age, to have his life preserved until the coming of the Savior. It was the design of the Gospel to overcome death, and to enable men who are faithful to so live until they are translated ... Did not want the brethren to worry about what people may say to them, but to do what is right under all circumstances, and they will come off conquerers. Stated this is true and as sure as we live.

.... Lorenzo Snow stated that he had really wondered whether the Lord was pleased with the Apostles in remaining at home so much of their time and simply visiting among the saints. Felt that this work was a good one and absolutely necessary. It had been our habit in the past for two Apostles to go together to the different Stake Conferences. There are thousands who have never heard the voice of an Apostle, and he had thought that we should make a change. He felt that we could spare some of the Apostles to go and open up missions to the different nations of the earth, and that there was no necessity for two apostles to visit the stake conferences. One of the Apostles could go and take a High Priest or some leading brother with him. Said if he were a young man he thought that he would go to presidency and offer to open up the mission to Japan. ... Now that we are a State this fact will greatly assist us in preaching the Gospel as we will have more influence abroad than we possibly could have had under a Territorial form of government. It does seem almost as if we were wasting our apostolic influence by remaining at home and simply visiting the stakes, and while it has been quite necessary in the past he did not think that it was so necessary today ... Felt that the influence of the Apostles was very great, and that we were great before we came to this earth. Felt sure that we held high offices before we came here ... Referred to the prayer of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to his Father, asking the Father to glorify him with that same glory which he had before he came to this world, and felt that we should pray the same as the Savior had done ... It was his belief that President Brigham Young would be living today, if the Prophet Joseph Smith had not asked to have him come and assist him in his labors ...

Pres[iden]t. [Lorenzo] Snow stated that he was in England with Bro[ther]. [Parley P.] Pratt when reports came from Nauvoo [Illinois] to the effect that the doctrine of plural marriage was being taught. Pres[iden]t. Snow said that the principle was just as true today as it ever was, and bore his testimony to the effect that it will again be practiced by this people. ...

Pres[iden]t. Lorenzo Snow stated that it was his belief that the Lord would soon arrange matters that those brethren who have wives can live with them and raise families by them. Believed that the Lord would assist us in softening the hearts of officials. He said he felt to bless the brethren in keeping their covenants with families and living with them. ... (2)

1 - Heber J. Grant, Diary
2 - Journal History; Minutes; Charles W. Penrose, Diary

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