LDS History, 1834 May 18

-- 1834 May 18
[Joseph Smith] During the night, the horses foundered in the river. Joseph promises they will be all right if the brethren repent. All are better by noon, except Sylvester's, which soon dies. Sunday services are held as usual, and the sacrament administered. Heber's Zion's Camp (1)

-- May 19, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Richmond, Indiana. Zions Camp, led by Joseph Smith, traveled 31 miles, going from Richmond to Franklin, Indiana. (2)

-- 1834 May 19
[Joseph Smith] a caravan of about two hundred Mormonites, with a long train of wagons, passed through this place, on their way to the "far west." There were but few women among them, and the men were generally, if not all, supplied with fire-arms. A stout, hardy set of looking fellows they were too, and many of them quite intelligent. From their equipments, it has been suspected that they intend joining and defending their brethren in Jackson county, Missouri. They professed to be in search of new lands, whereon to form a settlement, either in Illinois or farther west. (1)

[Joseph Smith] Mormonites, Daily National Intelligencer, May 31, 1834 (reprint from Richmond Palladin (Richmond, Indiana). Link to source at UDR. (1)

-- May 20, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Franklin, Indiana. Joseph Smith led the Zions Camp march from Franklin to Greenfield, Indiana. (2)

-- May 21, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Indianapolis, Indiana. By temporarily dispersing, Joseph Smith and the Zions Camp brethren passed through Indianapolis without problems. (2)

-- 1834 May 21
[Joseph Smith] Pass through Indianopolis without incident, despite hostile threats. , 480; Heber's Zion's Camp 1834
Heber's Zion's Camp mistakenly has the 19th. (1)

-- May 22, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Indianapolis, Indiana. The Zions Camp march, led by Joseph Smith, went from Indianapolis to Belleville, Indiana, and encamped near a small stream of water in a grove. (2)

-- 1834 May 22
[Joseph Smith] Revelation in Washington Township, Clay County, indicating that redemption of Zion must wait for a little season until elders were endowed with power from on high in Kirtland temple. (3)

-- May 23, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Belleville, Indiana. Joseph led the Zions Camp march from Belleville to Greencastle, Indiana, and they encamped about four miles from Greencastle after a hard drive. (2)

-- May 24, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Greencastle, Indiana. The ongoing Zions Camp march, led by Joseph Smith, left Greencastle, crossed the Wabash River in ferry boats, and pushed on to the Illinois state line at Edgar County. (2)

-- May 25, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Edgar County, Illinois. Joseph Smith and the other brethren on the Zions Camp march spent Sunday in camp, not on the road. (2)

-- 1834 May 25
[Joseph Smith] Arrive at Illinois border. Rest, but no Sunday services. Heber's Zion's Camp (1)

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