LDS History, March 8, 1834

-- March 8, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Ellicottville, New York. Joseph Smith, Parley P. Pratt, and Freeman Nickerson traveled to Farmersville, New York, where they spent the evening in the home of Esquire Walker. (1)

-- March 9, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Farmersville, New York. Joseph Smith and his traveling companions held a meeting in a schoolhouse and afterwards had difficulty leaving because many who believed in their message were anxious to speak with them. (1)

-- March 10, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Freedom, New York. Joseph Smith preached to two large congregations with much success. (1)

-- March 11, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Freedom, New York. Joseph Smith held a meeting at which he baptized Heman T. Hyde, a young man whose entire family would later join the Church and form part of the Freedom Branch. (1)

-- March 12, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Stewards Tavern, New York. Joseph Smith rode 36 miles to Father Edmund Bosleys in Livonia, New York. (1)

-- March 17, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Avon, New York. Joseph Smith attended a conference of elders at which he recruited men to assist the Saints who had been driven from Jackson County, Missouri. He also appealed for funds to buy land in Missouri and to pay debts owed by the Churchs leaders in Kirtland. (1)

-- March 19, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Livonia, New York. Joseph Smith traveled to Bennington Township, Wyoming County, New York, where he stayed the night at Isaac McWithys tavern. (1)

-- March 22, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Perrysburg, New York. Joseph Smith arrived in Perrysburg and stayed at Vinson Knights home. (1)

-- March 25, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Perrysburg, New York. Joseph Smith traveled to Job Lewiss home in Westfield, New York. (1)

-- March 27, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Elk Creek, Pennsylvania. Joseph Smith traveled to Springfield, Pennsylvania, where he found Sidney Rigdon, then continued his homeward journey, stopping 16 miles east of Painesville, Ohio. (1)

-- March 28, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith praised the Lord that he found his family well when he returned from his journey to western New York. (1)

-- 1834 March 28
[Joseph Smith] Returned to Kirtland from journey to New York and Pennsylvania. (2)

-- March 30, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to Edward Partridge, William W. Phelps, and others of the Firm. (1)

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Clair Barrus