LDS History, May 26, 1834

-- May 26, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Paris, Illinois. Joseph Smith demonstrated great care for the wild animals the brethren encountered on the Zions Camp march and then tested the readiness of the brethren by sounding a false alarm. (1)

-- 1834 May 26
[Joseph Smith] Resume journey, "and at night were aroused by the continual threats of our enemies," but "Notwithstanding our enemies were continually breathing threats of violence, we did not fear neither did we hesitate for God was with us, and His angels went before us, and the faith of our little band was unwavering. We know that angels were our companions, for we saw them." History JS, MS 15 no. 5, (Jan. 29, 1853): 69. Note: "resume our journey, {which we did on monday the 26th and at night were aroused by the constinued threats of our enemies.}" Pencil lines indicate the text beginning "Notwithstanding" and ending "we saw them." place the passage after "Tuesday {the} 27th". , 481. (2)

-- May 27, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Okaw branch of the Kaskaskia River, Illinois. As Joseph Smiths history records, he and the brethren of Zions Camp experienced the protection of angels on their journey. (1)

-- May 28, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Decatur, Illinois. Joseph Smith continued to lead the brethren on the Zions Camp march, who suffered from want of food and water. (1)

-- May 29, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Decatur, Illinois. Joseph Smith organized a sham battle for the Zions Camp marchers in order to alleviate growing tension and unrest due to low provisions in the camp. (1)

-- May 30, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Springfield, Illinois. Zions Camp passed through Springfield, and Ezra Thayre administered his own concocted medicine to the sick horses. (1)

-- May 31, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Jacksonville, Illinois. Saturday, Zions Camp moved on to Jacksonville after a man from Springfield, Illinois, gave Joseph Smith $100 for their march. (1)

-- 1834 June
Zion's camp is disbanded. (3)

-- June 1, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Jacksonville, Illinois. Joseph Smith and some of the brethren in Zions Camp preached all day to a good-size crowd just outside of Jacksonville. (1)

-- 1834 June 1
[Joseph Smith] Camp services in Jacksonville, Indiana (near Decater). Five Elders-former Baptist, Campbellite, Reformed Methodist, and Restorationist preachers-speak throughout the day. Local citizens ask questions, "but no one could learn our names, profession, business, or destinatin; and, although they suspected we were 'Mormons,' they were very civil." History JS, MS 15 no. 5, (Jan. 29, 1853): 69. Not in . (2)

-- June 2, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Jacksonville, Illinois. Joseph Smith and the Zions Camp marchers went from Jacksonville to the banks of the Illinois River and ferried over without difficulty, despite threats from enemies that the company would not cross the river. (1)

-- 1834 June 2
[Joseph Smith] Camp crosses Illinois river. "The ferryman counted, and declared there were five hundred of us; yet our true number was only about one hundred and fifty." History JS, MS 15 no. 5, (Jan. 29, 1853): 69. (2)

-- June 3, 1834
[Joseph Smith] Illinois River, Illinois. While the Zions Camp marchers were encamped on the banks of the Illinois River, Joseph Smith visited a burial mound and examined a skeleton. He identified the man as a righteous Lamanite warrior who had been called Zelph. (1)

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Clair Barrus