LDS History, Nov 7, 1885

-- Nov 7, 1885
[Quorum of the Twelve] Albert Carrington excommunicated. (1)

-- 1885
Church Membership at end of year: 164,130
New Converts : 5,888
Percent Change from previous year: 3.72% (2)

[John Taylor] Receives word during a visit to California that federal officials have ordered his arrest for practicing polygamy. Returns to Salt Lake City on 27 January. On 1 February, preaches his last public sermon and, in hopes of limiting the persecution against the Church by federal authorities, goes into hiding. (3)

-- During 1885-1892
[Periodicals] Svenska Hardden; Local Swedish groups (SWEDISH News Paper) (4)

-- During 1885
[Utah Statehood] As federal officials in Utah increased their pursuit and prosecution of polygamists under provisions of the Edmunds Act, many were imprisoned and others went into hiding on the "underground" or into exile in Mexico or elsewhere. On Saturday, May 2, 1885, Mormons held a mass meeting in the Salt Lake Tabernacle to protest the heavy hand of federal authorities. Those in attendance framed a "Declaration of Grievances and Protest" and chose a delegation to carry the document to the president. Similar mass meetings were held in other cities and towns throughout the territory. On May 13 the delegation from Utah, John T. Caine, John W. Taylor, and John Q. Cannon, presented the declaration to President Cleveland. (5)

-- 1886
Church Membership at end of year: 166,653
New Converts : 2,523
Percent Change from previous year: 1.54% (2)

-- During 1886-1890
[Periodicals] Historical Record; Andrew Jenson Salt Lake City, Utah (Periodical) (4)

-- Feb. 17-18, 1887
[Financial] Following passage of the anti-polygamy Edmunds-Tucker Act by the U.S. Congress, the church is disincorporated and much of its property and assets are seized by federal officials. Church property is eventually returned on Oct. 25, 1893, about three years after the church had formally renounced the practice of polygamy. In 1896, a few months after Utah is admitted to the Union as the 45th state, church real estate holdings are also restored.
At the time of the disincorporation of the church in 1887, the Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company is also dissolved, never to be reformed. It is estimated that, over the lifetime of the program, the church expended about $12.5 million in goods, livestock and currency to assist Latter-day Saints in traveling to the Utah Territory from points around the globe. (6)

-- Feb 19, 1887
[Wilford Woodruff] The United States Congress passes the Edmunds-Tucker Act, another antipolygamy law, allowing the federal government to confiscate much of the Churchs real estate. The act becomes law on March 3, 1887. (7)

-- Mar 3, 1887
Edmunds-Tucker bill became law without signature of President Grover Cleveland. [See Antipolygamy Legislation.] (8)

Edmunds-Tucker Act became law without signature of Grover Cleveland. (9)

-- Jul 25, 1887
President John Taylor d. in exile, Kaysville, Davis Co., UT. (8)

John Taylor died in hiding; Twelve Apostles lead the Church for nearly two years. (9)

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