LDS History, Oct 06, 1890

-- Oct 06, 1890
[U.S. Religious History] Polygamy was outlawed by the Mormon Church. (1)

-- Oct 6, 1890
[Wilford Woodruff] Members of the Church attending general conference unanimously sustain the revelation President Woodruff received regarding plural marriage. (2)

-- Oct 09, 1890
[U.S. Religious History] Aimee Semple McPherson, founder of the Four Square Gospel Church, was born. (1)

-- 1890
Church Membership at end of year: 188,263
New Converts : 5,119
Percent Change from previous year: 2.80% (3)

[Deseret] Half of Salt Lake City's 45,000 residents are non-Mormons as the flood of twenty million immigrants coming to the United States--in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries--find its way to Utah. (4)

[Deseret] LDS Church President Wilford Woodruff issues the Manifesto ending church-sanctioned polygamy. (4)

The Liberal Party wins the Salt Lake City, Utah elections, taking control of that city in addition to Ogden, Utah. (5)

-- During 1890-1935
[Periodicals] Salt Lake City, Beobacher; Local German groups (GERMAN News Paper) (6)

-- During 1891 March
Relief Society became a charter organization of the National Council of Women. (7)

-- May 20, 1891
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Helps organize the Republican Party of Utah, followed by dubs in other cities. (8)

-- During 1891 June
The People's Party disbands and members of the church join one of the two national parties as the effort continues to achieve statehood. With three effective parties in the territory, The Deseret News calls the Liberal Party the "bastard party" even though it is able to take a third of the seats in the state legislature. (5)

-- During 1891 September
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Sent to Arizona to perform marriages and to meet with Arizona Republican leaders. (8)

-- Nov 10, 1891
[U.S. Religious History] The first Woman's Christian Temperance Union meeting was held in Boston. (1)

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