Lorenzo Snow, Jul 15, 1886

-- Jul 15, 1886
Apostle Lorenzo Snow says that in the future "brothers and sisters would marry each other in this church. All our horror at such a union was due entirely to prejudice, and the offspring of such unions would be as healthy and pure as any other. These were the decided views of President Young, when alive, for Bother Snow talked to him freely on this matter." (1)

-- Sep 15, 1886 (Wednesday)
Hon. Morrison R. Waite, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, who was on a visit to Salt Lake City, was given a reception at the governor's mansion, after which the distinguished judge visited Fort Douglas and the Penitentiary. At the latter place he had a conversation with Apostle Lorenzo Snow. (2)

-- Oct 6, 1886
Epistle to Saints in Semi-Annual Conference-- It will be noted that the General Conference of the L.D.S. Church in which this Epistle was read was held in Coalville, Summit County, Utah. Salt Lake City was the normal site of these Conferences but during the troubled years of 1885, 1886 and 1887 the Conferences were held elsewhere with two being held in Logan, Utah, two in Provo, Utah, and this one in Coalville.

... President Woodruff and the members of the Council of the Twelve Apostles still continue in the active performance of the duties appertaining to their Priesthood and calling, occasionally hampered, it may be, in certain directions by the unrelenting attacks of our persecutors. Almost without exception they have enjoyed good health, while the more aged ones, including Elder Lorenzo Snow, in prison, have been blessed with a vigor and with powers of endurance remarkable for men of their years. Brother Lorenzo Snow bears his unjust imprisonment with much fortitude and patience and is a source of great comfort and strength to his fellow-prisoners, deprived of liberty for their obedience to the requirements of God's law. ... (3)

-- Oct 22, 1886 (Friday)
In the Third District Court, a writ of habeas corpus was applied for in the case of Apostle Lorenzo Snow, who was confined in the Penitentiary. The application was refused and the case taken before the U.S. Supreme Court. (2)

-- Nov 3, 1886
Bro[ther]s Hiram B Clawson & James Jack came out this morning early, as requested by Pres[ident] [John] Taylor.

Pres[iden]ts Taylor & [George Q.] Cannon & Bro[ther]s Clawson, [James] Jack & [L. John]

Nuttall conversed on matters pertaining to the B[ullion] B[eck]. & C[hampion]. M[ining].

Co[mpany ]s. affairs, after which Pres[iden]t Cannon & Bro[ther] Nuttall made a statement of the amounts of indebtedness on the mining proposition & to learn the lowest amount for which the proposition could be sold which was 230,000 & make the owners safe. Pres[ident] Taylor afterwards examined the same.

An order was sent to Bro[ther] James Jack to pay Elder John W Taylor 3.00 for use in Idaho & to be charged to the defense fund a/c [account] also 1.00 to Franklin S Richards esquire for fees in the US Supreme Court at Washington D.C. in the appeal case of Elder Lorenzo Snow ... also to pay John Beck 35.00 for the mortgage on proposition in Eureka on the B[ullion]. B[eck]. & C[hampion]. ... (4)

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