Lorenzo Snow, Oct 22, 1888

-- Oct 22, 1888
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] Attended a meeting this evening at the office of the President. There were present Wilford Woodruff, Lorenzo Snow, Joseph F. Smith, Moses Thatcher, H. J. Grant, John R. Winder, Rob[er]t T. Burton, F. S. Richards, Sam[ue]l R. Thurman, Cha[rle]s W. Penrose, A. O. Smoot, W[illia]m H. King, W. D. Johnson, Warren Dusenberry. The meeting was called at the request of Thurman, King and Dusenberry as they thought they had been misunderstood in their action in forming a Democratic party and nominating Thurman for Congress. They explained their connection with the convention held in Ogden in the Spring and that after being kicked out of the convention and then going into another building and adopting resolutions of their future intentions--were in duty bound to go & form a Democratic Party. They thought they would do great things in dividing the Liberal Party but would not hurt the People's Party. I took quite extensive minutes of the meeting but don't consider it worth while to record them as most of the remarks were "bosh" to my mind as I have no idea of their drawing enough votes from the Liberal Party to be worthy of consideration.


...Meeting at Pres[ident s] Office: Wilford Woodruff, Lorenzo Snow, Jos[eph]. F. Smith, Moses Thatcher, Heber J. Grant, R[obert]. T. Burton, J[ohn] R. Winder, A[braham] O Smoot, Franklin S. Richards, Charles W. Penrose, S[amuel]. R. Thurman, W[arren]. N. Dusenberry, W[illia]m H King, W[illiam]. D. Johnson Jr.

The subject of the organization of a Democratic Party by Bro[ther]s Thurman, Dusenberry, King & others was first called up.

Bro[ther] Thurman felt that the call made last May to organize & send delegates to the St.

Louis [Missouri] convention was still necessary to be carried out, notwithstanding he & others had been rejected by the Democrats who met at Ogden [Utah] ... they also thought their movement would have a tendency to divide the Liberal Party in their votes. Did not have any desire to injure or draw away votes from the People s Party. They had not seen any thing in the papers since the Ogden meeting to discourage the course they were taking. Felt that the course they had taken was a good one and that the results will be good Bro[ther]s W[illia]m H. King & W[arren]. N. Dusenberry each spoke and gave their views somewhat similar to Bro[ther] Thurmans. Bro[ther]. King felt to be in harmony with the people. and if a mistake had been made he wished to make amends. Bro[ther] Dusenberry said we want to do what is for the best good of the people. That Gen[era]l McClernand & Carlton were anxious for us to go on and organize....

Elder L[orenzo] Snow. was not posted on the subject He believed the motives of these brethren were good. ... (2)

1 - Diary of Heber J. Grant, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies
2 - First Presidency Office Journal

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