Lorenzo Snow, Aug 9, 1899; Wednesday

-- Aug 9, 1899; Wednesday
The First Presidency were at the office. The following cable message from Liverpool [England] was received this morning: Elder Joseph Hogan, of Bountiful [Utah] drowned in Rhine, on the 5th. (Signed) Platte D. Lyman.

Elder John Lloyd, of Sandy [Utah], called upon the Presidency, in response to their request. A letter was received a few days ago from the Presidency of the European Mission, conveying the information that Elder Lloyd, who returned from a mission to Wales a year ago, had been charged by a young woman named Mickey with having had criminal associations with her on three different occasions; that since then she had married a brother named Gale, but before marriage had confessed to him her transgression with Lloyd. She was now desirous of having the matter brought before the proper authorities, as she was in a suspended state so far as her Church fellowship was concerned. The Presidency talked with Brother Lloyd privately, and the result of

the interview was a complete denial on his part of the truth of the accusation. He was requested to put his denial in writing.

The sum of ten dollars was appropriated in favor of a lady named Mrs. Murdock, who represented herself as the widow of an army officer who was drowned while in General John Cook's regiment. She had come from San Francisco [California] in the hope of finding friends of her deceased husband and of getting employment as a music teacher, but had failed to find work, and now asked to be assisted to Denver. She had applied for relief to certain ministers here, but had failed to get it. She remarked that she felt it was not a proper thing for her to do, to come to President [Lorenzo] Snow for relief, but as she understood that the Mormon people took care of their own poor, and having failed to obtain relief from her Gentile friends, she felt compelled to request this assistance here. The amount was given to pay her half fare to Denver [Colorado].

Elder Matthias F. Cowley, of the Council of the Twelve Apostles, left this afternoon for the northern States Mission, to fill an appointment made by him with President Louis A. Kelsch.

The father of Elder Joseph Hogan, reported drowned in the Rhine on the 5th inst., called at the office, accompanied by his wife and the young woman who was engaged to be married to the deceased, and who wished to be sealed to him, if it met the approval of the Presidency. President [George Q.] Cannon showed her that if this was done, her chances to get a husband would be very slight, unless she married a Gentile, or a poor kind of a Mormon, since a man firm in the faith would naturally want, as a wife, a woman sealed to himself. Considerable conversation followed, and finally the young woman decided to take the advice of President Snow and wait before acting upon the matter.

Brother N[ephi]. W. Clayton, manager of the Saltair resort, called. He stated that the Mutual Improvement Association was booked for a day at Saltair, and that those in charge of the excursion had requested that the bar be closed on that day. He held that if the request were complied with, and the bar closed, a notice should be published to that effect beforehand, so that regular patrons of the resort might govern themselves accordingly. It was decided that this should be done.

A letter was received, signed by L. M. Savage, in relation to the transfer of Church stock in the Woodruff [Arizona] dam to the Snowflake Academy. Some time ago a committee representing that Academy had asked that this stock be turned over to it, and it was decided to grant the request, provided the people of Woodruff did not object to the transfer. This decision was conveyed to President Jesse N. Smith, and subsequently a communication, dated April 2, 1899, was received at this office, informing the Presidency that about half of the stockholders had voted to allow the transfer, the other half strongly urging that it be retained by the Church. Brother Savage's letter, dated the 1st inst., certified to the fact that a meeting had been held by the stockholders of the dam and a unanimous vote cast in favor of the transfer. It was ordered accordingly. (1)

-- Aug 10, 1899; Thursday
Presidents Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith were at the office; President George Q. Cannon being on his way to Canada, to help adjust the differences that have arisen between our people working on the Alberta canal and the engineer, Mr. [George] Anderson.

Salt Lake Temple 11 a.m. The Presidency and Apostles met in regular council. Present: Lorenzo Snow, Joseph F. Smith, Franklin D. Richards, John Henry Smith, George Teasdale, Heber J. Grant, Anthon H. Lund, Rudger Clawson.

Absent: George Q. Cannon, on the way to Canada; Brigham Young [Jr.], in the south; John W. Taylor, in Canada; Matthias F. Cowley, in the Northern States Mission; Francis M. Lyman, Marriner W[ood]. Merrill and Abraham O[wen]. Woodruff, away on duty. ...

Brother Grant reported that he had not finished working on the Utah Loan and Trust Company business, which had been given him as a mission. He was still trying to effect a loan, to save the building from the foreclosure of the mortgage. He submitted several schemes, one of which was to close the bank, which would necessitate the collection of another $15,000, a thing very hard to do. Another was to assess the stock, and carry on the business after paying the mortgage. He advocated the latter plan, and asked that the Church, in case it were adopted, take stock for $15,000 or more, as President Snow might see his way clear to determine. The matter was taken under advisement.

The copy of a letter from C[yrus]. E. Dallin, sculptor, to the Brigham Young Memorial Association, was read, in which Mr. Dallin informed that Body that unless steps were taken to satisfy him, in the matter of the amount yet due upon the Pioneer Monument, he would either have the monument taken down or veiled. The matter was referred to Brother John Henry Smith, with a request that he confer with the officers of the association regarding it. President Snow now learned for the first time that the Church was responsible for this indebtedness. ...

Brother Lloyd, of Sandy [Utah], whose case is mentioned in yesterday's journal, came to the office to-day, accompanied by his Bishop, and confessed to the charge of adultery, which he had previously denied. He was told that the matter would be taken under advisement and his Bishop instructed how to act in the case. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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