Lorenzo Snow, Jul 02, 1899

-- Jul 02, 1899
Following Lorenzo Snow's May 8 revelation on tithing, General Authorities and stake and ward leaders gather for a solemn assembly held in the Salt Lake Temple and resolve to accept and keep the law of tithing as a commandment of the Lord. (1)

-- Jul 3, 1899
Presidents Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith were at the office.

President James W. Paxman, of Juab [Utah] Stake, called and met President Snow. He stated that the Board of Education of his Stake, upon the advice of Dr. Karl G. Maeser, had gone into debt, and was still owing the sum of $450, payment of which was being pressed; and he asked the President, as trustee-in-trust, for assistance. The latter informed Brother Paxman that to do this he would have to borrow the money; and he advised that the Board do the best they could until the Church was in a position to help them. ...

The following written report was made by the Apostles John Henry Smith and Matthias F. Cowley, a committee to whom had been referred a complaint by Brother Andrew Jenson, to the effect that the Deseret News establishment, for binding the work entitled Church Chronology, was charging him more than he could get it done for in other places.

"President Snow and Counselors. Recently you referred to us the hearing of a complaint made by Elder Andrew Jenson against the Deseret News Company, in which he charges the News Company with asking too high a price for binding his book, Church Chronology. After a careful hearing of Brother Jenson's complaint, and the answers of News representatives, we have decided that there is no just cause for Brother Jenson to take the work from the News and give it to other parties, the News having complied strictly with the contract, which was agreed to by Brother Jenson before the work commenced. In view of the fact that Brother Jenson has received a cheaper bid since giving it to the News, we recommend a slight reduction on the part of the News from the contract price.


John Henry Smith,

Matthias F. Cowley.["]

Three of the Twelve Apostles, Francis M. Lyman, John Henry Smith and Anthon H. Lund, represented to President Snow that they had met this morning with Jesse Crosby, Jr., Erastus B. Snow, Counselor Gibbons and George H. Crosby, Jr., regarding the circumstances of Brother George H. Crosby, who had suffered for long years from the irreconcilable conduct of one of his wives. In order to relieve him from the burden he was carrying, it had been decided to call him to move into Wayne County [Utah], and become the Bishop of a new Ward now being organized. President Snow consented to this arrangement.

At 3 p.m. Brother Isaac Smith, of Logan [Utah], Counselor in the Presidency of Cache Stake, called and had an interview with President Joseph F. Smith, and later, at 4:15 p.m., a further interview with the First Presidency, the subject of which was as follows. It appears that recently, at the funeral services over the remains of Sister Isaac Quinney, Moses Thatcher was one of the speakers, also Isaac Smith. Brother Thatcher, in his remarks, intimated that the Church was not the same now as it was twenty years ago, but that the people were not accountable for the change, the idea being conveyed that the authorities of the Church were responsible for something that existed, which in his eyes was grievously wrong. Certain remarks then made by Brother Smith were construed as reflecting upon Moses Thatcher, whose brother, George W., took exceptions thereto. Brother Smith was afterwards approached by an emissary of the latter, who asked him if his remarks were intended especially for Moses. Brother Smith answered no, that they were general remarks, which he believed applicable to the occasion, but that if Brother Moses felt that they applied to him, there was no reason why he should not receive them; in other words, if the cap fit him, he ought to wear it. This answer was conveyed to George W. Thatcher, who, meeting Brother Smith on the street, struck him in the face, at the same time calling him a G[od]. D[amned]. son of a B[itch]. Brother Smith had his assailant arrested, and the latter, acknowledging the offense, paid a fine of five dollars.

Upon hearing this statement, President Joseph F. Smith, expressed himself to the effect that a charge should be preferred against Brother George W. Thatcher for unbrotherly and unChristianlike conduct, and that the Bishops or other leading members of the Church should make the charge and prosecute the case. He hoped that this would be done, and Brothers John Henry Smith and George Teasdale, who were present at the first interview, warmly endorsed the proposed action.

At the interview before President Snow, after Brother Isaac Smith had made his statement, President Smith raised the question as to whether Brother Moses Thatcher should be allowed to speak at funerals held in the public meeting houses of the Saints.

President Snow stated that he regarded Brother Thatcher as a cunning, bad man, but he did not wish to take a course against him having the appearance of harshness. He believed it was only a question of time when he would show his unworthiness of the fellowship of the Saints.

President Cannon suggested that Brother Isaac Smith collect such statements as those made by Brother Thatcher at Sister Quinney's funeral, in case it should be found necessary to take further action against him, and this suggestion was acceded to by President Snow.

Brother John Henry Smith submitted the following for record, stating that he had submitted the business to President Snow, who had approved of it: "At a meeting of Elders Brigham Young [Jr.], F[rancis]. M. Lyman, John Henry Smith, A[nthon]. H. Lund, M[atthias]. F. Cowley, A[nthony]. W. Ivins and Henry Eyring, held at the President's office today at 10 a.m., the subject of purchasing the Batipeto and Ruevalla land was discussed. Upon motion of Brother Lyman the sense of the meeting was declared to be that the Mexican Colonization Company purchase said land for $15,000, American money, and colonize the same with our people. The Company, Brother Smith said, had authorized its manager, Brother Ivins, to act in harmony with this action.["] (2)

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