Lorenzo Snow, Sep 27, 1899; Wednesday

-- Sep 27, 1899; Wednesday
Presidents Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith were at the office. Brother Heber J. Grant called, and was questioned in relation to the matter complained of by Brother Angus M. Cannon yesterday. He explained that Brother Cannon originally subscribed $500.00 for sugar stock and paid it, but after being visited by Brother Grant and Brother Moses Thatcher, in the interest of the concern, he had subscribed $4,500.00 more and given his note for that amount. Others had taken a similar course, owing to the money depression then prevailing. Brother Grant had negotiated a loan in California

to enable the Sugar Company to carry such stock holders. Then came the time when the company had to have the money for the stock, or else its surrender, and some surrendered it while others sold out for seventy five and eighty cents on the dollar. Brother Cannon was one of the former, and Brother Grant one of the latter. He had lost money by the transaction, but did not consider that he was entitled to the consideration that Brother Cannon now claims since the stock has become valuable. The Sugar Company had had this matter under consideration, and its board of directors had decided that Brother Cannon had no consistent ground to ask that he now be given 5,000 shares of sugar stock, representing $5,000.00, since the stock was going at a high premium.

Brother Angus M. Cannon called soon after Brother Grant had made the foregoing explanation, and he informed President Snow that he had decided to take his counsel and let the matter drop, though it was quite a struggle to do so, as it involved the sum of $7,000.00, and he needed the money very much. He remarked that he felt peaceful and resigned; President Snow told him that he should have strength according to his day; and he left the office, after thanking the President, evidently feeling comforted. ...

President George Q. Cannon has decided, after counseling with Presidents Snow and Smith, to send his son, Dr. William T. Cannon, to Europe, to attend his Brother, Elder Preston J. Cannon, who is sick in Germany. (1)

-- Sep 28, 1899; Thursday
Presidents Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith were in the office, and proceeded thence to the Temple, to meet with the Apostles in regular council.

Salt Lake Temple 11 A.M. The following named brethren were present: Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon, Joseph F. Smith, Francis M. Lyman, John Henry Smith, Heber J. Grant, Anthon H. Lund, and Abraham O[wen]. Woodruff. ...

A letter was read from J. E. Cardon and Melvin J. Ballard, of Logan [Utah], asking the sanction of the Authorities for the manufacture of a knitted garment. The Council had no objection.

A letter was read from John Lloyd, asking what he should do, in order to maintain his standing in the Church. As previously stated in this journal, he confessed, after denying, to the Presidency the truth of a charge brought against him by the Authorities of the European Mission--a charge of criminal intimacy with a woman in Wales. On motion of President Smith the case was turned over to the Presidency of the Stake.

The letter from President [David K.] Udall, of St. John's [Arizona/New Mexico] Stake, which was partly acted upon at the last session of the Council now came up for consideration as to the financial portion of its contents. It appears that Brother Udall has purchased a valuable ranch property, including among its improvements a flour mill. He is now being sued for $2,000.00, and unless this claim can be satisfied the whole property will be lost and a number of innocent parties injured thereby. His debt to them amounts to fifteen or sixteen thousand dollars. He suggests that

if an order could be issued on the tithing office, as an assurance, some of the brethren would feel justified in assuming the $2,000.00 indebtedness, if this property should go out of the hands of Brother Udall, it would pass into the hands of non-Mormons and might be the means of breaking up St. Johns as a Stake.

The matter was freely discussed by the Council, the sentiment being in favor of extending help to President Udall, provided it would benefit the people of St. Johns and prevent the breaking up of the Stake. Brother Grant thought that if the Church came to the rescue, it could not, in the event of failure, lose more than $3,000.00 in the transaction. Brother Lund suggested that the credit of the Church be extended to Brother Udall, to enable him to save himself. President Snow suggested, as Brother John Henry Smith had previously done, that some one be sent to St. Johns to confer with the brethren there, and that he be given the authority to help them if the situation should warrant it. He proposed that Brother Lund be sent. Brother Grant and others seconded the President's proposition, the first named suggested that a letter be sent to Brother Udall, asking him to have the suit postponed, and that he come to the general conference in October, to be conferred with upon the subject. President Cannon proposed, in order to help Brother Udall in the postponement of the suit, that a letter of assurance be written, to the effect that the Church would assist him to meet the $2,000 obligation. No formal action was taken, President Snow now intimating that he was averse to doing anything at all in this business until he could learn more about it. ...

Elders Angus M. Cannon and Charles W. Penrose, of the Presidency, and Elder D. L. Davis, of the High Council, of Salt Lake Stake, called and represented to the First Presidency the condition of the Bingham branch. They felt that a Ward organization should be given the saints residing at that place. This proposition received the sanction of President Snow, with the understanding that whomsoever was chosen to be the Bishop should come to the City to be ordained. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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