Lorenzo Snow, 1901, October 10

-- 1901, October 10
President Lorenzo Snow d. Salt Lake City, age 87. (1)

-- 1901, October 17
Joseph F. Smith became President of Church. (1)

-- 31 May 1906
[Wife of Lorenzo Snow] Death of wife Mary Elizabeth Houtz (2)

-- November 16, 1906
[Daughter of Lorenzo Snow] Florence Critchlow Snow, a member of the general board of the Primary Association from Nov. 16, 1906, to Oct. 10, 1907 at Brigham City, Utah, a daughter of Lorenzo Snow and Phoebe Woodruff. She was baptized Aug. 7, 1878, by Thomas Wild. She studied at the Brigham Young College and at the Utah State Agricultural College. She was secretary of the Primary Association of the Brigham City 3rd Ward from 1883 to 1888, and a member and later counselor in the Ensign Stake Primary Board. In 1912-1914 she served in the presidency of the Y. L. M. I. A. at Ocean Park, Calif. She has been genealogist for the Lorenzo Snow Family Organization since 1922, vice president of the Richard Snow Family Organization and a member of the Temple committee of the Wilford Woodruff Genealogical Organization. She was owner and manager of a Real Estate office in California from 1912 to 1919. On May 15, 1895, she was married to John Quincy Critchlow, and is the mother of one daughter (Lucille). (3)

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