Lorenzo Snow, Oct 6, 1901

-- Oct 6, 1901
Joseph Fielding Smith: Sustained as first counselor to Lorenzo Snow 6 October 1901-10 October 1901. Not set apart to this position. (1)

-- Oct 7, 1901; Monday
President [Lorenzo] Snow thought he felt a little better this morning but did not feel well enough to attend the Priesthood meeting.

At ten o'clock the special Priesthood meeting convened in the Assembly Hall, consisting of the general authorities of the Church, Stake Presidencies, Bishoprics and High councilors.

President John R. Winder occupied a short time speaking on Temple work. President [Joseph F.] Smith informed the brethren present that the church was fast getting into good shape

financially, and he felt hopeful, if the Saints continued to observe the law of tithing, that the Church would soon be financially free, and have means to spare to devote to purposes which it was not able to do at present. Also spoke of the Church schools, and the expense attending the maintenance of them, and said that in his opinion it was a very wise and necessary expenditure of Church funds. He suggested the forming of Church school districts instead of every stake undertaking to maintain a Church school.

Brother Rudger Clawson spoke of the duties of the lesser Priesthood and of record keeping.

Elder B. H. Roberts announced that young men would be called under the auspices of the Y.M.M.I.A. to act as missionaries during the coming winter. Their duties would be to labor among the young men and women who are careless and indifferent. The Bishoprics were asked to set them apart, and to hear their reports and encourage them.

Elder John W. Taylor announced that the Presidency and Apostles had decided that in the Sunday School and other organizations, when the superintendent died or was removed, the superintendency was disorganized, just the same as Bishoprics were disorganized on the death of or removal of the Bishop.

The meeting closed with prayer by Elder John Henry Smith.

This afternoon a delegation consisting of the following brethren came to the President's office: Edwin Smart, Charles Warnock, Franklin Goderberg and Brother [blank] Merrill, returned missionaries from Samoa. They were accompanied by two natives a young man and a young woman. Their object was, they stated, to present a walking cane to President Snow, who, on being informed came into the office from the Beehive House and was introduced to them, whereupon Sister Josephs, the Samoan woman made the following presentation speech, which had been written for her and committed to memory:

"Dear president Snow: I feel it a great honor to thus stand before you as a representative of the Sunday School children of far away Samoa. For them I present to you this cane of native cocoanut wood, as a token of their love and respect. May you be pleased to accept it as such, and bear in mind the spirit in which it is presented. You know, dear brother, how far it is to our dear Samoa; but distance does not lessen the love and respect which the Samoan children have for you. We reverence you as a prophet of God, and with this little gift from our island homes come the children?s prayers; for them I pray, God bless our Prophet."

President Snow received the gift and bade Sister Josephs to thank the donors in his behalf, and to say that he would cherish it as long as he lived in remembrance of them.

Brother Saifa, the young Samoan brother, was then blessed under the hands of President Joseph F. Smith, who was mouth, and the missionary brethren who were present, to study the English language and take a missionary course in view to his becoming efficient as a missionary to the people of his native land. He appears a very bright young man. (2)

1 - Cook, Lyndon W., The Revelations of the Prophet Joseph Smith: A Historical and Biographical Commentary of the Doctrine and Covenants, Seventy's Mission Bookstore, Provo UT, 1985, http://amzn.to/RevelationsofJosephSmith
2 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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