Lorenzo Snow, Wednesday, Oct 9, 1901

-- Wednesday, Oct 9, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Clear and mild. In connection with my appointment as second counselor in the First Presidency of the church, I here record an interview with President Lorenzo Snow. I called at the Beehive House by request at 12:30 noon, Sunday, Oct. 6th, 1901, between meetings of the conference. President Snow, being quite feeble with a bad cold, had just arisen. He said to me in substance, Brother Clawson, if I go to the conference meeting this afternoon--and I must go, providing my health and the weather permits--you will be presented as my second counselor. I have been thinking about you. I remember your experience in the Southern States, when your missionary companion [Joseph Standing] was shot down in cold blood and you, yourself, were threatened with martyrdom, and but narrowly escaped. I remember your long imprisonment in the Utah penitentiary--three years and a little over--for having accepted and obeyed the principle of plural marriage. And the Lord was well pleased

with the manner in which you met this great trial. I remember your appointment to the presidency of the Box Elder Stake of Zion and your labors in that capacity for a little upwards of ten years, and with reference to that mission, I have often remarked that I knew of no young man in Zion, who had been so greatly blessed with success as you had been. I remember when this appointment by President Woodruff and the brethren was made known to you (and President Snow smiled) you were greatly agitated and said, "Why, if I am chosen as president of that stake, what shall I say, I cannot preach." It was a very great trial to you, but you were blessed and sustained of the Lord, and your labors were pleasing and acceptable unto him. I have thought about these things, and the Spirit of the Lord whispers to me that I am to select you for one of my counselors.

I said in reply, "President Snow, there is only one consideration that makes it possible for me to accept this great responsibility, and that consideration is the fact that I know this to be the work of God. The Lord can qualify and make me equal to the obligation, man cannot." The President replied, "Yes, that is true." Thus ended the interview.

At about 2 o'clock the sky was overcast with blackness and a heavy storm threatened. President Snow was quite feeble and everything seemed to be unfavorable to his leaving home; but he felt impelled to go to the tabernacle (and did so) because of the important matters pressing upon his mind.

At 10 a.m. I attended the monthly meeting of the directors of the Utah Light and Power Co. President Snow--the president of the co.--was not in attendance on acct. of sickness. He, however, held a meeting at his home with the directors of the Saltair Beach Co., but was quite ill with his cold at the close and had the brethren administer to him, after which he felt improved. I attended to several matters of business during the afternoon.

I would here record that on Tuesday morning, Oct. 8th, President Snow sent for me and said he designed my first official act as his counselor to be an act of charity. He instructed me to obtain full information regarding the widows of the following named brethren with special reference to their means of support: Heber C. Kimball, Orson Hyde, Jno. Taylor, Orson Pratt, Parley P. Pratt, and Daniel H. Wells. The purpose of this mission, now given me, was not stated, but from the views expressed at one of the meetings of the Presidency and Twelve, I had every reason to believe that President Snow designed rendering assistance from the church to the widows of these brethren in all cases where help was needed.

I have received many hearty congratulations from the brethren and sisters, as I meet them, upon my appointment as second counselor in the First Presidency. Apostle Matthias F. Cowley told me that he had received a manifestation, while in Mexico some time ago, that I would be appointed to said position. The following is a copy of some of the letters addressed to me since the general conference:

Mount Pleasant

Oct. 7, 1901

President Rudger Clawson

Salt Lake City

Dear Brother:

When you were here some time ago, I felt impressed that you would some day be elevated to the high and holy calling as above named. Yesterday saw it an accomplished fact. I am indeed pleased. Accept my honest, sincere congratulations.

I most heartily endorse the article in today's Herald, "The New President's Life," and I believe you will in every phrase of your future life honor the position, to which President Snow has called you by the direction of the Almighty. On the eve of my 82nd birthday and my 60th year's connection with this people, I repeat my congratulations with a fervent prayer for your success as one of the Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I remain yours cordially,

(signed) David Candland.

P.S. Please excuse my presuming to write you; I could not resist.

Rexburg, Idaho

Oct. 8th, 1901

Pres. Rudger Clawson

Dear Brother and Friend:

Permit me to extend to you my heartfelt congratulations upon your promotion, and I assure you of my sincerest invocations to the Great Master for his choicest blessings to rest upon you.

Most respectfully yours,

(signed) C. L. French.

Brigham City

Oct 7th, 1901

Rudger Clawson

Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Brother Clawson:

Accept my hearty congratulations and approval to the high position to which you have been chosen to preside. When you were selected to be a member in the quorum of the apostles, I was at the conference, and a thought seized me quick: "He is the right man and has gone up on his merits, and he will not be one whit behind the rest, and the people will soon know of his worth." Future history confirmed the thought.

I am sure the Lord will prepare you for the duty to which you have been called, for you are an earnest worker.

Wishing you well, I have the pleasure of being,

Your brother,

(signed) John H. Horsley.

Office of Woman's Exponent

Salt Lake City

Oct. 9th, 1901

President Rudger Clawson

My Dear Brother:

As one of your old friends and one who has watched your course from childhood days, allow me to offer my congratulations on your recent appointment as counselor to our revered president, seer, and revelator, and our good brother, President Lorenzo Snow. I have the utmost confidence in your integrity, and in your loyalty to the gospel, and to those with whom your lot has been cast in the holy priesthood.

May you be as true, and as faithful, and as diligent as President [Daniel H.] Wells was when he filled a like position to Brigham Young. I think no man could be more loyal to another than he was to that great pioneer and leader.

I rejoiced greatly when President Snow succeeded to the Presidency for many reasons, but particularly because his sister, Eliza Snow, [whom] I so loved and revered, had on more than one occasion prophesied that her brother would yet be "Our President." I remember your spiritual tendency as a boy, or young man perhaps would be a better term, and I am glad to see the opportunity opened to you to serve this people. And while you hold in your power opportunities for higher spiritual development and attainments, do not forget the sisters in their sphere in the church--and may the choicest blessings of heaven be yours is my desire and prayer.

Yours truly &c.,

(signed) Aunt Em[meline] Wells.

LaGrande, Oregon

Pres. Rudger Clawson

Salt Lake City

Dear Brother:

The Union Stake of Zion sends congratulations to you and wish you a powerful administration.

I congratulate you and pledge you my hearty support in every particular. May God the Father give you the spirit of leadership which has always characterized those holding the position you now hold, and may the living water ever flow from your heart into ours that we may all be mutually benefited and power thereby given us unto salvation is the fervent prayer of

Yours most humbly,

(signed) F. S. Bramwell.

(Note: Brother Bramwell is president of the Union Stake.)

My brother, Spencer Clawson, wrote me a very warm letter of congratulation, which for the moment I have misplaced, and, therefore, cannot enter a copy of the same on this page.

My reply to him was as follows:

Salt Lake City

Oct. 9, 1901

Dear Brother Spencer:

I take this opportunity to apologize for my apparent neglect in acknowledging receipt of your letter. Believe me when I say, that I deeply appreciate the kind wishes you express for my success as second counselor to President Lorenzo Snow. It is dear to me, as I know it must be to you, that the Lord only can qualify me for the great responsibility, and were it not for this important consideration, I never could have been equal to its acceptance.

I fervently trust that the faith and confidence of the Latter-day Saints, always so much to be desired, may be given me, and that my future life shall be actuated by a spirit of integrity and devotion to the cause of Zion.

I remain your brother,

[signed] Rudger Clawson.

P.S. What with conference meetings, priesthood meetings, and Young Men's missionary meetings, I have been extremely busy since your letter came to hand. R. C.

During the afternoon of today, Wednesday, Pres. Snow was taken severely sick, which was due to his cold, with a threatened attack of pneumonia, and obliged to go to his bed. I called at the Beehive [House], and rendered what assistance I could until midnight. At that hour he seemed to be somewhat better. (1)

-- Oct 9, 1901; Wednesday
President [Lorenzo] Snow was not at the office today. He spent a very bad night, vomited considerable and is feeling badly today. He has been confined to his bed. At 5 o'clock in the afternoon Sister Snow informed Brother George F. Gibbs that she was alarmed at President Snow's condition, he having just come out of a sinking spell. She expressed a desire to have President [Joseph F.] Smith administer to him. President Smith and a number of the brethren were in the office at the time for the purpose of holding the regular weekly M.I.A. meeting and he and Brother John Henry Smith went to President Snow's bedside and administered to him. Afterwards President Smith received permission to send for a physician and Dr. Joseph S. Richards was sent for and when he arrived pronounced President Snow's ailment pneumonia. Sister Snow had already consulted Dr. Wilcox. The physicians gave no hope for the President's recovery, unless a sudden change for the better set in. (2)

1 - Stan Larson (editor), A Ministry of Meetings: The Apostolic diaries of Rudger Clawson, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1993, http://bit.ly/rudgerclawson
2 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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