LDS History, June 22, 1836

-- June 22, 1836
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith took his mother and aunt Clarissa Smith in a carriage to Painesville, Ohio, where they partook of the sacrament together before his father and uncle John Smith started on a mission to the branches in the eastern United States. (1)

-- 22 June 1836
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Sr. and his brother John go on a mission to the East to give patriarchal blessings where they are spitefully treated by their oldest brother, Jesse. (2)

-- 1836 29 June
Group of citizens at Liberty, Missouri, passed a resolution to expel the Saints from Clay County. (3)

-- 1836 June 29
Clay County residents resolve to ask that the Mormons leave their county. Up to this time, Mormons in the county had not voted on local affairs nor been accused of any crimes. Residents assert that the differences between themselves and Mormon would not allow them to peaceably reside together. The resolution encourages the Mormons to settle in Wisconsin. (4)

[Joseph Smith] Clay County, Missouri, citizen committee demanded that Latter-day Saints leave county. (5)

-- 29 June 1836
[Lucy Mack Smith] A mass meeting of citizens at Liberty, Missouri, mandates the peaceful departure of the Saints from Clay County. The Mormons accept this decision and begin moving into Ray County, incorporated as Caldwell County in December 1836. (2)

-- During June-October 1836
[Heber C. Kimball] Leaves on third mission, to New York and Vermont. (6)

-- July 25, 1836
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith left Kirtland and boarded the steamboat Charles Townsend at Fairport Harbor, Ohio, beginning the first leg of his proselyting journey to Massachusetts. (1)

-- 1836 July 25
[Joseph Smith] Departed Kirtland on journey to conduct business in New York City and to search for rumored cache of money in a house in Salem, Massachusetts. (5)

-- 25 July 1836
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr., Sidney Rigdon, Hyrum, and Oliver Cowdery and companions go to Salem, Massachusetts, via Buffalo, New York City, and Boston, searching for treasure in a basement. (2)

-- July 29, 1836
[Joseph Smith] En route to Massachusetts. On his way to Massachusetts, Joseph Smith took the line boat on the Erie Canal to Utica, the railroad car for Schenectady, and a luggage car to Albany, New York. (1)

-- During 1836 Summer
Under the direction of Alexander W. Doniphan, it is agreed that a new county should be formed for the Mormons called Caldwell County, in what is now Clay County, Missouri. Mormons begin leaving Ray and Clay County to settle the proposed area. Plans for and work on the community of Far West, Missouri begin. Far West, Missouri is the proposed county seat for the new county. (4)

-- about August 3, 1836
[Joseph Smith] Salem, Massachusetts. Joseph Smith arrived in Salem with Sidney Rigdon, his brother Hyrum Smith, and Oliver Cowdery. (1)

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