Rebaptism, Nov 20, 1881

-- Nov 20, 1881
Pres[ident] Erastus Snow arose and read Par[agraphs] 12, 13, 14, & 15 of Section 128 of the D[octrine] & C[ovenants]. He said the general features of the St. George Temple are in conformity to those of the Kirtland Temple which was dedicated in April 1836. That temple may be said to have been built to show forth the order of the priesthood, Aaronic and Melchizedek * the priesthood there received the ordinance of the washing of feet and the anointing of the head with oil. This was confirmed to those holding the priesthood. There was no baptismal font in the temple at Kirtland for that ordinance had not been revealed to the people. By the time the Nauvoo Temple was being built the doctrine of the baptism for the dead was revealed and one of the first thing[s] attended to there was the preparation of the font for the Baptism of the Dead. It was revealed here in St. George to the prophet Brigham Young that there should be variations made in the temples to be built. This was given unto the Prophet Brigham in answer to his question, "Oh Lord show unto thy servants if we shall build all temples after the same pattern?" The answer came. "Do you all build your houses after the same pattern? Do you[,] after increasing your families[,] build after the same pattern used when your family is small? So shall the growth of the knowledge of the principles of the Gospel among my people cause diversity in the pattern of Temples." [St. George Stake Historical Record, Nov. 20, 1881 , typed excerpt in Buerger Papers] (1)

-- Mon. Nov. 28th, 1881
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] "In the evening six persons came here to be baptized; they were Peter Vogel, his wife Katharina, and daughter Margaretha, Franz J. Medel, and Johann Bauer, with his wife Babeta. I baptized them all, the first named being also baptized for his health, he having a lame back." (2)

-- Feb 2, 1882
[J.D.T. McAllister Diary] Permission to baptize children in Temple font.

Sent information to Priesthood Meeting, we had liberty to Baptise our children who are eight years old in the temple font. (3)

-- Saturday Feb 4, 1882
[John Nuttle Diary] Prest Taylor arranged to visit the Temple at 11 a m - whilst some of the brethren attended the Conference Meeting - received a letter from Bro John Albiston of Richmond At 11 A. M. Prest Taylor & the brethren visited the Temple and proposed such changes and improvements and gave other directions as to the finishing as appeared Necessary - It was ordered that the Windows of the Font room be cut down even with the floor to give more light Conference convened at. 10 A. M. present. Pres Smith. L. Snow. E Snow F. D. Richards. Lyman. & faith - choir Sang - prayer by J. H. Smith.. Elder E. Snow F. M. Lyman spoke the Statistical report was read also the Relief Society report - Elder Edward Dalton spoke. choir Sang & Geo F. Gibbs dismissed [illegible] p.m. - (4)

-- Wednesday, Dec 13, 1882
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Liverpool

It is snowing and foggy.

I wrote letters to Edwin Eyre, J. A. West, Ben E. Rich and Joseph A. A. Bunot. I also drafted a letter to be sent to all of the Presidents of conferences asking for information in regard to the baptisms for the year 1882, the number of first Baptisms and what proportion are the children of the saints, and what proportion of New Converts and also the number of rebaptisms. (5)

-- Mar 26, 1883
The corner stones were laid on the 10th day of March, 1873, and labor was continued thereon until Jan[.] 1st, 1877, when it was dedicated to God. (See W[ilford] Woodruff 's Journal of Jan[.] 1st, 1877, which contains the dedicatory prayers of W[ilford] Woodruff, Erastus Snow, and B[righam] Young Jr., also the speech of President [Brigham] Young.) I, Wilford Woodruff, bear testimony, that Pres[iden]t B[righam] Young told me to go to work and prepare the Temple for giving Endowments, and I had made the preparations according to his acceptance; and on the 9th of Jan., 1877, we repaired to the Temple and for the first time the ordinance of baptism for the dead was performed in the Temple of St. George[.] Wilford Woodruff went into the font by the direction of Pres[iden]t Brigham Young and administered the ordinance of baptism for the first 140 persons, and confirmed the first person, Pres[iden]t Young laying on hands at the same time. John L. Smith administered the ordinance of baptism for the next 83 persons, making 223 baptisms and confirmations during that day. Wilford Woodruff Confirmed one 1. J[ohn] D. T. McAllister confirmed 64, A[lonzo] H. Raleigh 15, H[enry] W. Bigler 123, and Erastus Snow 20. Susie Amelia Young Dunford was the first baptized and confirmed by W[ilford] Woodruff. Pres[iden]t Brigham Young requested me to take charge of the Temple, which I did. He also requested me to write all the ordinances of the Church from the first baptism and confirmation through every ordinance of the Church. Geo[rge] Q. Cannon assisted some in this writing, and when I had finished it to the satisfaction of the Pres ident, he said to me, "Now you have before you an ensample to carry on the endowments in all the temples until the coming of the Son of Man." On the 8th of April, 1877, W[ilford] Woodruff was appointed in the public assembly to take charge of the Temple and preside over it, and in private conversation with the President, he said he wanted me to take the whole charge of the Temple and attend to all affairs connected with the endowments, sealings &c. I told him I was not able to go to the altar and do all the sealings as I had injured myself at that labor in the Salt Lake Endowment House. Pres[iden]t Young told me to go to work and ordain some men to help me to do the sealing[s]. He told me to set apart J[ohn] D. T. McAllister and David H. Cannon for that purpose and, if I needed more, to set them apart. I set apart Br[other] McAllister to that work April 14th, 1877. I set apart David H. Cannon for the same purpose on the 27th of April. I also set apart James G. Bleak to officiate at the altar some time afterward (I do not recollect the date). (2d March 1881.) Pres[iden]t Young gave me power and authority to give second anointings and seal women to men as I might be led by the Spirit of God. I parted with Pres[iden]t Young for the last time in the flesh at 9:30 A.M. on April 16th, 1877, when he started for Salt Lake City. Brigham Young Jr., was very sick at the time. When I left St. George, I placed the presidency of the Temple in the hands of John David Thompson McAllister, who was to preside over it in my absence. This is the testimony which I Wilford Woodruff bear to all whom it may concern. [Wilford Woodruff, "History of the St. George Temple, Its Cost & Dedication and the Labor Thereon", Mar. 26, 1883] (1)

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LDS History Chronology: Unconventional Baptisms

Mormon History Timeline: Forms of Rebaptism in LDS History

Rebaptism, 1877

-- During 1877
(Susa Young Gates) A few months later she recorded this self-portrait: "5'3". 115 lbs. Dark blue or grey eyes, light 'rather curly' brown hair. I must confess my teeth are the only redeeming feature of my face."

In 1877 Susa became the first person to be baptized for the dead in the newly completed Saint George Temple. (1)

-- Mar 25, 1878
You understood Bro[ther] Joseph F. Smith rightly with regard to those only being accepted at the Endowment House who have been re-baptized. We do not think that the blessings of the House of the Lord are for those who are either too careless or too indifferent to give heed to the servants of God, when a call is made for repentance and renewal of covenants. The only exceptions that we make to this rule are with those whose first baptism has occurred within a few (say six or eight) months. [John Taylor to F. Spencer, Mar. 25, 1878] (2)

-- Thurs. Mar 25, 1880
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] "–". . . were talking for a while about rebaptism and Bro. Enz told me that he was rebaptized a short time after coming on his mission; as I felt it my duty, and felt I must also be rebaptized before I could receive a full measure of God's blessings, I requested the same at Bro. Enz's hands. . , . About 8 o'clock on this lovely moonlight evening, we went down on the banks of the Rhine, and after praying, Bro. Enz rebaptized and reconfirmed me a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; I will now try and live better than I have done in the past, and be the instrument in the Lord's hands of doing much good; may my Heavenly (Father) help me so to do. I have felt for some time that I should do this, and now it is done, a load seems to be taken from my shoulders." (3)

-- Oct 21, 1880
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 21 I received 4 letters. I wrote 1 to Jacobson. Br Henry Charles Fowler Baptized my Daughter Susan C Scholes in the font for the Renewal of her Covenants and her health. (4)

-- Apr 2, 1881
In meeting of stake presidents with First Presidency and apostles: "Before parties can be recommended to the Temples or house of the Lord, they must be rebaptised & must be tithing payers." (5)

-- June 12th, 1881
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] Another case of rebaptism. "After meeting, Bro. Bloesch, the president of the branch, expressed the desire to be rebaptized. He is guilty of having intercourse with another man's wife, but he asked forgiveness for this, and made everything right as near as possible. We therefore went down to the Bieler Canal, where I rebaptized Bro. Bloesch and baptized Elsie Bangeter, Bro. Alder confirming the former and I the latter." (3)

-- Oct 11, 1881
You say, "If parties are to be rebaptized regardless of how recent their first baptism may have been, &c. &c. we will cheerfully comply." In the first place we think it extremely riskey to send persons to the [Endowment] House &c. who are only "recently baptized." We think people should have an opportunity to prove themselves, before coming to the House or going to the Temple, especially [in]experienced people. They should at least "summer and winter" in the Church, and then if deemed worthy to come for sacred ordinances, agreeable to [the] letter of instructions sent to the Bishops and Presidents on this subject when the House was re-opened, they should be rebaptized for the renewal of their covenants before being recommended by the bishop. [Joseph F. Smith to William Bringhurst, Oct. 11, 1881; emphasis in original] (2)

-- Nov 18, 1881
Permit me to draw your attention to the fact that a few days ago you signed a recommend in favor of a young man, residing in Brigham City, who had not been re-baptized, and whose first baptism took place as long ago as 1863. The consequence was we were compelled to rebaptize him before he could receive his blessing. When such things occur it causes inconveniences and delay to the whole company passing through on that day, and is also contrary to the rules that govern in such matters. Will you please notify the Bishops in your Stake that all persons whose first baptisms have not taken place within a very recent period must be re-baptized before they receive their recommends to pass through the House of the Lord. [Joseph F. Smith to Oliver G. Snow, Nov. 18, 1881] (2)

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LDS History Chronology: Unconventional Baptisms

Mormon History Timeline: Forms of Rebaptism in LDS History

Rebaptism, Sep 16, 1877

-- Sep 16, 1877
[Temple] I will say here, before closing, that two weeks before I left St. George, the spirits of the dead were gathered around me, wanting to know why we did not redeem them. Said they, "You have had the use of the Endowment House for a number of years, and yet nothing has ever been done for us. We laid the foundation of the government you now enjoy, and we never apostatized from it, but we remained true to it and were faithful to God." These were the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and they waited on me for two days and two nights. I thought it very singular, that notwithstanding so much work had been done, and yet nothing had been done for them. The thought never entered my heart, from the fact, I suppose, that heretofore our minds were reaching after our more immediate friends and relatives. I straightway went into the baptismal font and called upon Brother [John D. T.] MacAllister to baptize me for the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and fifty other eminent men, making one hundred in all, including John Wesley, Columbus, and others; I then baptized him for every President of the United States, except three; and when their cause is just, somebody will do the work for them. [Wilford Woodruff discourse, Sept. 16, 1877 , Journal of Discourses, 19:229-30] (1)

-- Sep 25, 1877
[Temple] Your favor of the 22nd, inst.[,] asking the form of ceremony you ought to use in rebaptizing persons who wish the ordinance, and also the form of ceremony in confirming the same, has been received. Your letter was read to the Council, and it has been decided that the proper form to be used in rebaptizing persons who have not been cut off the Church or dealt with for their fellowship is as follows: the person who has authority from the Lord to baptize shall go down into the water with the person to be baptized, and shall say, calling him or her by name, "Having been commissioned of Jesus Christ, I baptize you for the remission of your sins, and for the renewal of your covenants, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen." In confirming[,] it is proper to reconfirm the members of the Church and to seal upon them all the former baptisms, confirmations, ordinations, patriarchal blessings, and if they have had their endowments, their washings, anointings and their sealing ordinances. [John Taylor to Moses Thatcher, Sept. 25, 1877] (1)

-- Oct 6, 1877
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Oct 6 1877 I received 2 letters No 12. I wrote No 19. I met in general Conference this Morning with all the Quorum of the Twelve John Taylor presiding. All the Authorities of the Church in this Country were preset. Prayer by Joseph Young. G. Q. Cannon said it was the intention to have read the report of all the Stakes but the report of all the Stakes was not handed in but He would read what He had.

Elder Woodruff gave An account of his labors in St George from the time of the dedication of the Temple uP till the time He left from the 9 Jan till the 20 Sept 1877.

We Baptized for the living 395 for the Dead 23,989. Gave Endowments for the Living Males 424, females 520 Dead Males 4,204 Females 6,448. Ordinations For the dead 7 High Priest, Living Elders 264, Dead 4,085. Sealing of females to Males Living 356, Dead 3,352. Sealing of Children to parents Living 174, Dead 95. Adoptions Living 25 Dead 28. Second Anointings Living 179, Dead 130. Elder E Snow then addressed the Meeting Followed by G Q. Cannon.

Afternoon. The Authorities of the Church were presented Begining with the Twelve Apostles with John Taylor as their presidet. All these votes were put to each Quorum separately and each body Rose to their feet and raised their right hand and all the Authorities were presented in this way through all the Quorums then put to the whole Assembly. It was A vary solumn occasion and oppresive scene. (2)

-- Nov 15, 1877
[A]fter a very free expression of the members of the Quorum [of Twelve], it was obvious that it was the feeling of all present that the [means] to lawful marriage according to the sealing ordinance of the Holy Priesthood should not be diminished amongst the Latterday Saints, but that marriage should be encouraged in our midst by every means within our power not inconsistent with the revealed will of God. It was also deemed salutory to have the Priesthood discountenance wherever practicable, the marriages of Latter-day Saints in any place not especially dedicated and set apart for the performance of the ordinances of the House of the Lord, of which the ceremony which unites the sexes in the bonds of matrimony is a very im portant part. To aid in the accomplishment of this object, it was unanimously resolved by the Councils of the Apostles to re-open the Endowment House in this city for the performance of certain ordinances of the House of the Lord, namely: * First, for the sealing of those in full fellowship in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who have been married for time by any Apostle, Bishop, Elder, Justice of the Peace, etc. since the close of the Endowment House in October, 1876. Secondly, for the sealing of the members of the Church in good standing who have not been married but who desire to be sealed, and to whom a journey to the Temple at St. George for this purpose would not be convenient or practicable. Thirdly, for the purpose of giving endowments to the very aged, sick, or infirm, such, and such only as their Bishop may think will probably not live until the Temple at Salt Lake City, Manti, or Logan is completed and opened. Those desiring to receive the benefit of these ordinances must obtain a recommend from the Bishop of the Ward or settlement in which they reside, or in the absence of the Bishop, the recommend may be signed by the President of the Stake. It will be well for persons presenting themselves at the Endowment House to receive the ordinances thereof, to be prepared to reply to the following questions: * "When were you born?" "Where were you born?" "When were you first baptized?" "What is your Father's name?" "What was your Mother's maiden name?" No person will be eligible to receive these blessings except they have been rebaptized. The Endowment House will be open for the performance of the ordinances mentioned on the last Thursday in November and thenceforth, until otherwise ordered, on the last Thursday of every month. All parties interested should be at the House not later than 8 o'clock a.m. Please notify the Bishops in the Stake over which you preside of these instructions. [John Taylor to Angus M. Cannon, Nov. 15, 1877] (1)

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LDS History Chronology: Unconventional Baptisms

Mormon History Timeline: Forms of Rebaptism in LDS History

Rebaptism, Aug 19, 1877

-- Aug 19, 1877
Apostle Wilford Woodruff tells Sunday school meeting that he heard Joseph Smith say: "If the people knew what was behind the vail they would try by every means to commit suicide that they might get there but the Lord in his wisdom had emplanted the fear of death in every person that they might cling to life and thus accomplish the designs of their creator." Later Woodruff spends the evening preparing a "list of the Noted Men of the 17 Centaury and 18th including the signers of the declaration of Independance for Baptism on Tuesday the 21 Aug 1877." Though he did not record the incident in his journal, he later claims that he had been visited in dreams or visions by the signers of the Declaration of Independence, who had urged him to help redeem them by doing their temple work" Brigham Young preaches: "The great majority of men who have amassed great wealth have done it at the expense of their fellows, on the principle that the doctors, the lawyers and the merchants acquire theirs. Such men are impositions on the community, and they ought to be taken and put to some honorable labor such as raising potatoes, raising grain, cattle and sheep, and performing other useful and necessary labors for the good of mankind. Amen." (1)

-- Aug 21, 1877
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Aug 21, 1877 I Wilford Woodruff went to the Temple of the Lord this morning and was Baptized for 100 persons who were dead including the signers of the Declaration of Independance all except John Hancock and [William Floyd]. I was Baptized for the following names:

William Hooper Benjamin Franklin

Joseph Hewes John Morton

John Penn George Clyme

Button Gwinnett James Smith

Lyman Hall Francis Lightfoot Lee

Edward Rutledge George Taylor

George Walton James Wilson

Thomas Heywood Jr George Ross

Thomas Lynch jr Caezer Rodney

Arthur Myddleton George Read

Samuel Chase Thomas McKean

William Chase Paca Philip Livingston

Thomas Stone Francis Lewis

Charles Carroll of Carrolton Lewis Morris

George Wythe Richard Stockton

Richard Henry Lee John Witherspoon

Thomas Jefferson Francis Hopkinson

Benjamin Harrison John Hart

Thomas Nelson Jr Abraham Clark

Francis Lightfoot Lee Josiah Bartlett

Carter Braxton William Whipple

Robert Morris Samuel Adams

Benjamin Rush John Adams

Robert Treat Paine Samuel Huntington

Elbridge Gerry William Williams

Stephen Hopkins Oliver Wolcott

William Ellery Mathew Thornton

Roger Sherman

Baptized for the following Eminent Men:

Daniel Webster Edward Gibbon

Washington Irving David Garrick

Michael Faraday Sir Joshua Reynolds

William Makepeace Thackerey Robert Burns

John Calwell Cahoon Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Baron Justus Von Liebig John Philip Kemble

Henry Clay Frederick Von Schiller

Edward George Earl Lytton Bulwer

George Peabody Henry Grattan

Charles Louis Napoleon Bonapart Lord Horatio Nelson

Thomas Chalmers John Filpot Corran

William Henry Seward George Stephenson

Thomas Johnathan Jackson Sir Walter Scott

Frederick Henry Allexander Von Humboldt

David Glascoe Farragut Lord Henry Brougham

Hiram Powers William Wordsworth

Lewis John Rudolph Agassis Daniel O Connell

Lord George Gordon Byron Richard Cobden

David Livingstone Christopher Columbus

Americus Vespucius

Count Camillo Bonso di Cavour John Wesley

Samuel Johnson Oliver Goldsmith

Thomas Babington Macauley Benito Juarez

Frederick 2d king of Prussia Count Demetrius Perepa

When Br McAllister had Baptized me for the 100 Names I Baptized him for 21, including Gen Washington & his forefathers and all the Presidets of the United states that were not in my list Except Buchannan Van Buren & Grant.

It was a vary interesting day. I felt thankful that we had the privilege and the power to administer for the worthy dead esspecially for the signers of the declaration of Independance, that inasmuch as they had laid the foundation of our Government that we Could do as much for them as they had done for us.

Sister Lucy Bigelow Young went forth into the font and was Baptized for Martha Washington and her famaly and seventy (70) of the Eminent women of the world. I Called upon all the Brethren & Sisters who were present to assist in getting Endowments for those that we had been Baptized for to day.

I wrote Letters to D D MCArthur. I wrote to Susan Dunford. There were Baptized in all to day 682. (2)

Wilford Woodruff writes: "I Wilford Woodruff went to the Temple of the Lord this morning and was Baptized for 100 persons who were dead including the signers of the Declaration of Independance all except John Hancock and [William Floyd]. I was Baptized for the following names:" He then lists the 100 names. Most of them are endowed by proxy the next day. (1)

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LDS History Chronology: Unconventional Baptisms

Mormon History Timeline: Forms of Rebaptism in LDS History

Rebaptism, Apr 9, 1877

-- Apr 9, 1877
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 9 I gave 2 second Anointing to The wife of G. Q. Cannon And L John Nuttall wife. Wilford Woodruff was Anointed for and in Behalf of the Prophet Robert Mason and Father Aphek Woodruff And Uncle Ozem Woodruff. And Phebe Amelia Woodruff Snow was Anointed for Bulah Thompson Woodruff & Hannah Hart Woodruff & 3 Three wives of Robert Mason.) I Adopted or sealed 10 Children to Parents to day. We gave 24 Seconed Anointing and Baptized 956 for the dead. (1)

-- Apr 10, 1877
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 10 I spent the day in the Temple. I Adopted J. D. T. McAllister to Brigham Young. I sealed two dead person to him and 3 to Wilford Woodruff jr and 1 to Orson Pratt all dead. /Phebe A Snow got Endowments for Hannah Seavey Bulah A for Pauline Hearn./ We gave 105 Endowments to day. E Snow sealed 21. We Baptized 460 for the dead. I had Brother Samuel

/11/ B. Hardy & wife and Josiah Hardy & wife Adopted to me to day the first Persons Ever Adopted to me on Earth. I gave Seconed Anointings to 15 Persons. We gave Endowments to 130. E Snow sealed 20 Couple B Young 6. Baptized 577. Ordained 49 Elders. /Phebe got Endowments for G.G.M. Dinah W Woodruff. Bulah for Sarah Eacock./ (1)

-- Thur 12.
[John Nuttle Diary] At Temple officiated as Recorder- also at Sealing Records. & at Font- 109 Endowments - 42 ordained 43 Sealings (G Q Cannon 6. B. Young Jr 21. E. Snow 16). 8 Second Anointings- 247 Baptizms- I was baptized for 14 of My Relatives & friends & had Ann Eliza Wells Baptized for 6 of my dead relatives was also Baptized for remission of Sins & renewall of covenants & restoration to health= attended a meeting called by Bro W. Woodruff at the residence of Bp D. D. McArthur of all the Sisters who assisted him on his birthday in Endowments for his dead had an agreeable time. 105 sisters present, & 5 Brethren. W Woodruff. L. Snow E Snow J D T McAllister & myself- Telegraphed home of my expectd arrival next Monday (2)

-- Fri 24
[John Nuttle Diary] Rec d letters from Prest B. Young. J. W. Turner Geo W. Hicks & J.S. Brown - .

Questions submitted to President Young

...3 Should children who die before they attain the age of eight years be baptized for, or receive any Temple Ordinance, other than being sealed to their parents? Nothing more than to be sealed to their parents.

4 Shall still born children who the mothers state have quickened have any thing done for them? No: they are all right without having anything done for them? No: they are all right without having any thing done for them.

....10 Shall the Work done for the dead in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City, be done over again in the Temple? No.

...13 Can a person who is physically unable to receive their own baptisms &c be officiated for by proxy? Wait until we see one that is

14 Can a person demented by fits, or other cause, have any thing done in Temple Ordinances for him while living? No. such persons are not held accountable.

15 If a person die without having had endowments, is it well to bury them in garments without marks? Such person May be buried with garments. if their friends choose. but not Marked nor with robes or other Temple clothing. ... (2)

-- Aug 19, 1877
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 19 Sunday Met at the Tabernacle at 11 oclok. Prayer By Wm Smith. Augustus Hardy spoke 10 Minuts, Thomas Hall 10 M, B F Pendleton 14 Minuts. Afternoon. Prayer By James Nixon. Frank B. Woolly spoke 2 M, Moroni Snow 2 M, Seth Pimm 1. Erastus B Snow spoke 6 M, W Woodruff 35 M D. H. Cannon 35. I wrote 2 Letters to Bulah & Emma.

I spent the Evening in preparing a list of the Noted Men of the 17 Centaury and 18th including the signers of the declaration of Independance and the Presidents of the United States for Baptism on Tuesday the 21 Aug 1877. (1)

-- 1877
(Wilford Woodruff) Called to be the first president of the newly completed Saint George Temple, where it was revealed to him that work for the dead could be performed by persons not related. August 21, "I, Wilford Woodruff, went to the temple of the Lord this morning and was baptized for 100 persons who were dead," including the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Napoleon Bonaparte, Christopher Columbus, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, and William Wordsworth. The only U.S. presidents excluded were Ulysses S. Grant (who was still alive), Martin Van Buren (who declined to intervene on behalf of Mormon losses in Missouri), and James Buchanan (who sent federal troops to Utah in 1857). (3)

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LDS History Chronology: Unconventional Baptisms

Mormon History Timeline: Forms of Rebaptism in LDS History

Rebaptism, Mar 1, 1877

-- Mar 1, 1877
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] March 1, 1877 I Wilford Woodruff record in my Journal A History of the Celebration of this my Seventieth birth day. I arived at the Temple of the Lord in Saint George Washington County, Utah, at 8 oclok in the Morning. I was there Surrounded with one hundred and fifty four virgins, Maidens Daughters and Mothers in Zion from the age of fourteen to the Aged Mother leaning upon her Staff. All had assembled for the purpose of Entering into the Temple of the Lord to make me a birth day Present by being washed And Anointed and receiving their Endowments for and behalf of One hundred and Thirty of my wives who were dead and in the spirit world the majority of which had been sealed to me and the remainder were to be. These persons had been sealed to me during the last fifteen years by Presidets Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Daniel H. Wells, G. Q. Cannon, and Joseph F. Smith. Also twenty four near relatives were added to this list of wives for whom these beloved Sisters in Zion were to receive their Endowments this day. As this was to be Confined to the Sisters alone No men were to receive their Endowments to day.

I put into this list all my near Relatives and saved none of the Thompson, Hart, or Woodruff family Except My own Mother Bulah Thompson Woodruff and Grand Mother /Dinah/ Woodford Woodruff. My Step Mother Azubah Woodruff was officiated for. Eudora L. Young officiated for my ownly Sister Eunice Woodruff. And when this record was All made out the Sisters occupied all five of the washing Bathes in the Temple. All the sisters were washed and Anointed. Among the number were three wives and four daughters of Presidet Brigham Young viz Lucy B. Young Margarett Pierce Young, Naamah C. Young, /Twiss/ and Susie Young Dunford, Eudora Young, Rhoda M Young, Shamira Young, & Ruth Young.

When they had all assembled to gether in the Creation Room I presented myself before them Clothed in my white Doe skin Temple dress. I there delivered unto them a short address, But I had not Enough of immortality about me to fully answer my mind. My soul was almost to full for utterance. The following is a synopsis of my speech:

My Beloved Sisters I present myself before you this morning, not ownly with prayer and fasting, but [with] a heart filled with praise and Thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father for his mercy and kindness unto me, And also to you my sisters for a Blessing of such magnitude as you are presenting unto me this day. I do not suppose that A scene of this kind was Ever presented before the heavens or the Earth, before God, Angels, or Man from this Earth since the foundation of world was laid: Therefore I feel justified in changing the order of the lecture usally given here. There is no men here and all of you here heretofore received your Endowments. I feel that it is due you at this time and place to give you the origin of this scene which is presented before us today.

Ever Since I have been working in this Temple my mind has been Exercised in behalf of the dead, And [I] have felt a great desire to see my dead redeemed before I passed away. A few days ago I went into the Cealing room whare I often go to Pray for I Consider there is no spot on this Earth more acceptable than this Temple and while there I went befor the Lord with this subjet resting upon my mind and I Pray the Lord to open My way to see my Dead Redeemed. And while I prayed the spirit of the Lord rested upon me and Conveyed the following Testimony to me:

Let my servant Wilford Call upon the virgins Maidens, Daughters, & Mothers in Zion and let them Enter into my /Holy/ Temple on the 1 day of March the day that my servant Wilford has seen the time alloted to man, Three score years and Ten, and there let them received their washing and Anointing and Endowments for and behalf of the wives who are dead and have been sealed to my servant Wilford, or those who are to be Sealed to him, and this shall be acceptable unto me Saith the Lord, and the dead of my servant shall be redeemed in the spirit world and be prepared to meet my servant at the time of his Coming which shall be at the time appointed unto him, though not revealed to man in the flesh. Now go to and perform this work and all shall be accomplished according to the desire of your heart.

This was merely a key to me. Light burst upon my understanding. I saw an Eff[etual?] door open to me for the redemption of my dead. And when I saw this I felt like shouting Glory Hallalulah to God and the Lamb.

Now in this matter you Can be baptized for any number on the same day, but when you come to giving Endowments one person Can ownly attend to one in a day. Some of those women you have been officiating for have been sealed to me, some have not. Those that were sealed to me were sealed at various times during the last twenty years, By Presidet Young, H C. Kimball, D. H. Wells, G. Q. Cannon and J F Smith. I have never taken this Course without consulting Presidet Young. When this thing was manifest to me I said to some of the sisters that I would like to have them Come on my Birth day and make me a present by getting Endowments for some of my dead, and as a testimony to me all were willing. When I saw the magnitude of this I spoke to Presidet Young about it. He said he would furnish half a dozen himself and He has in this assembly 5 daughters and 3 wives. I feel thankful to you my sisters for this manifestation of Kindness for you might have searched the world over and you Could not have found a present as dear to me as this.

What is gold or silver in Comparison to the redemption of our dead? Nothing. If I Can redeem my dead, and save myself and family I will be satisfyed. I feel that when we get into the spirit world we shall see the importance of this days work. This is my birth day. I am three score years and ten to day. You are to day in this Endowment without a man with you. But we shall furnish one Man as an Adam. L John Nuttall will officiate as such. Sisters you have the Blessings and Gratitude of my heart, And I hope I may not ownly partake of Eternal life with those whom you are redeeming to day, But with all of you who are laboring for them this day. I pray that we may all meet with them in the Celestial kingdom of our God. Amen.

I went through the Endowments of the day more like being in vision than a reality. These 154 Sisters were led to three veils and three of us Wilford Woodruff J. D. T McAllister & L John Nuttall all dressed in Temple Clothing took them all through the three veils. I took through about 60, at the Middle veil, which I attended (there was no sealing to day). Presidet Young was preset at the Temple in witnessing the Ceremonies.

At the Close of the labor at the temple I took a Carriage and rode to David M Cannons. From there I was Accompanied to St George Hall by McAllister, Raleigh and Nuttall & D M Cannon and placed in the midst of a surprize Party Got up for the Occasion the Room decorated, and a Table set loaded with all the luxeries of life, Surrounded by nearly One hundred of those who had been receiving Endowments for my dead during the day.

Presidet Young sat at the head of the Table surrounded By his family and after Blessing was asked their was presented before me a present of a birth day Bridal Cake three Stories high adorned with the beasts of the field from the Elephant down, and Ornamented with two Satin Sheets Covered with Printed Poetry Composed for the occasion. And these two sheets of Poetry had to be taken and read Before the Assembly by Susan Young Dunford. The following is the poetry Contained on the two Sheets of Satin on the other Page. This scene this day is among the most wonderful Events of the last dispensation and fulness of times in which we live. And this door which is open for the redemption of the Dead in this manner will accomplish great and important Results, for it is now being Carried out in a great many instances in the Temple of the Lord, and will Continue to be more and more unto the end.

This above remark is made on the 12 day of March upon the Events taken place since the 1 day of March. By this labor in redeeming our dead by Proxey much Can be accomplished. Our dead Can be redeemed. This principle has given me great Joy unspeakable at the thought that I Can live on the Earth to behold my Numerous friends redeemed who are in the spirit World. This principle says to us in loud language that the Lord is Good and Gracious, and his Mercies Endureth forever.

To Elder Wilford Woodruff, On the anniversary of his 70 Birthday, spent in the Temple of the Lord, officiating for his dead (By proxey). June Hazel Dall

Thy seventieth year is now Complete.

Oh, what a glorious day!

We in Gods Holy Temple meet

And in his name we pray,

That you may many more such days

Upon this Earth still see

And that the bliss of Endless lives

On all thy race may be.


Oh, long live Wilford Woodruff,

And may his years increase;

For ownly with his life on Earth,

His works of Love will cease.

We meet to day with Joy to act

A Proxy for thy dead,

And Give thee scores of wives who'll be

Like Crowns upon thy head.

This day will never be forgot

In heaven or on Earth below,

Gods Blessings on Each one will rest

This, this we surely know.

Thy time and talents thou hast spent

To do the work of God--

Pleased to obey our Fathers Call--

And thought not of reward.

Thou, faithful Servant, never dreamed,

For thee there was in Store,

A Birth day such as this on Earth

None have Enjoyed before.

The Prision Gates have opened been

The dead have been set free,

And many who have known thy worth

Salvation gain through thee.

Their Glad Hosannahs will resound

Through heaven's etherial space

That with the ransomed, they Can meet

Around the Throne of Grace.

Mrs A Randall

St George (1)

-- Mar 30, 1877
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] March 30, 1877 This is the first day I ever went [to] the [Temp?]le to get Endowments for the Dead. I got Endowments to day for the Prophets Robert Mason. We gave Endowments to 150. There was 52 Elders ordained. W Woodruff ordained 2. I was ordained a High Priest & Patriarch for the Prophet Mason. There was 152 of the dead of the Hart family baptized for to day. Bulah A Woodruff Beatie was Baptized for 60 of them.

The Quorum of the Twelve arived to day in the Temple to day. We met in Council in the Presidets office in the Evening.

I sealed 14 dead Persons to President Young. E Snow sealed [ ] Couple. (W Woodruff gave Seconed Anointing to Wilford Woodruff jr for his Grand Father Ezra Carter & Anointed Phebe W. Woodruff for her Mother Sarah Fabyan Carter.) <I anointed Sarah Campbell Smith.> Phebe WW got Endowments for Mary Fabyan & for Mr Samuel Woodruff. Wilford Woodruff jr. got Endowments for Asahel Woodruff./ (1)

1 - Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,

LDS History Chronology: Unconventional Baptisms

Mormon History Timeline: Forms of Rebaptism in LDS History

Rebaptism, Jan 8, 1877

-- Jan 8, 1877
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 8 I spent the forenoon going through the Temple to prepare for Endowments or Baptisms for the dead. The afternoon I spent writing. I wrote a letter to Bishop Hunter. (1)

-- Jan 9, 1877
[Apostle Brigham Young Jr. Diary] [At the temple in the morning] Wilford Woodruff step[p]ed into the font and baptised Susan Y. Dunford for some dead friends. Some 225 persons were officiated for in the font. (2)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 9 This is the day that the first ordinances of the Endowments for the dead was performed in the Temple of God in St George at 12 oclok Presidet Brigham Young being present we Commenced to Baptized for the dead. W. Woodruff Baptized the first 141 persons and Confirmed the first persons Presidet Young laying on hands at the same time. John L Smith Baptized the next 83 person making 224 Baptized on this day. John D T. Mcallister Confirmed 44 A H Raleigh 15 H. W. Bigler 124 Erastus Snow 20. Susie Amelia Young Dunford was the first Baptized & Confirmed By W Woodruff. (1)

-- Jan 10, 1877
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 10 A P Winsor Baptized 87 to day for the dead. W Woodruff Confirmed 22 A H Raleigh 36, Erastus Snow 29. (1)

-- Wed 10.
[John Nuttle Diary] fine clear day. to work at Temple at 9. A.M. A.P. Winsor baptized 87 for the dead, W. Woodruff confirmed 22 A. R. Raligh 36. E. Snow 29. I was Recorder. assisted in fixing carpets &c in upper room- spent the evening with Bros Woodruff & Raleigh at President Youngs - in talking over the business and Workings for tomorrow - made and recommends for L. C. Marriger. John T. Eager Eliza Bunting & Lovina Johnson. (3)

-- Mon 22.
[John Nuttle Diary] At Temple ruled out some forms for Baptizms for the dead. to be takin as a sample by the Missionaries so as to put the Saints in a Way of getting ready for Work - at President Youngs office copying letters of instructions to missionary (3)

-- Wed 7
[John Nuttle Diary] At Temple. I officiated as Recorder at the font - palso [sic] in the Sealing Room in anointing where Josiah Guile Hardy & his wife Ann Denston Hardy - had their 2 anointing also Mathew Clayton - also Sarah Johnson Macdonald anointed to A F Macdonald his wife Elizabeth Graham McD. as proxy - rpFanny [sic] Van Cott Macdonald was also anointed to A. F. Mcdonald - W. Woodruff anointing. H. W. Bigler held the horn. 386 Baptizms. J. L. Smith - D. H. Cannon confirmed 185. A. H Raleigh 61. H. W. Bigler 77. D. D. McArthur 63 - wrote to my wife Elizabeth & son Leonard - after supper went to President Youngs present. Prest Young. W. Woodruff. E. Snow. B. Young Jr. I. G. Bleak. E. M Greene & myself. works in the Temple being under consideration Prest Young was filled with the spirit of God & revelation & said when we got our washings and anointings under the hands of the Prophet Joseph at Nauvoo we had only one room to work in with the exception of a little side room or office were we were washed and anointed had our garments placed upon us and received our New Name. and after he had performed these ceremonies. he gave the Key Words signs, tokens [sic] and penalties. then after we went into the large room over the store in Nauvoo. Joseph divided up the room the best that he could hung up the veil, marked it gave us our instructions as we passed along from one department to another giving us signs. tokens. penalties with the Key words pertaining to those signs and after we had got through. Bro Joseph turned to me (Prest B Young) and said Bro Brigham this is not arranged right but we have done the best we could under the circumstances in which we are placed, and I [DEL: Thur. 8 at the Temple officiated as Recorder :DEL] [sic] wish you to take this matter in hand and organize and systematize all these ceremonies with the signs. tokens penalties and Key words I did so and each time I got something more so that when we went through the Temple at

Nauvoo I understood and Knew how to place them there. we had our ceremonies pretty correct -

In the creation the Gods entered into an agreement about forming this earth. & putting Michael or Adam upon it. these things of which I have been speaking are what are termed the mysteries of godliness but they will enable you to understand the expression of Jesus made while in Jerusalem. This is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. We were once acquainited [acquainted] with the Gods & lived with them but we had the privilige of taking upon us flesh that the spirit might have a house to dwell in. we did so and forgot all and came into the world not recollecting anything of which we had previously learned. We have heard a great deal about Adam and Eve. how they were formed &c some think he was made like an adobie and the Lord breathed into him the breath of life. for we read "from dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return" Well he was made of the dust of the earth but not of this earth. he was made just the same way you and I are made but on another earth. Adam was an immortal being when he came. on this earth he had lived on an earth similiar to ours he had received the Priesthood and the Keys thereof. and had been faithful in all things and gained his resurrection and his exaltation and was crowned with glory immortality and eternal lives and was numbered with the Gods for such he became through his faithfulness. and had begotten all the spirit that was to come to this earth. and Eve our common Mother who is the mother of all living bore those spirits in the celestial world. and when this earth was organized by Elohim. Jehovah & Michael who is Adam our common Father. Adam & Eve had the privilege to continue the work of Progression. consequently came to this earth and commenced the great work of forming tabernacles for those spirits to dwell in. and when Adam and those that assisted him had completed this Kingdom our earth he came toil. and slept and forgot all and became like an Infant child. it is said by Moses the historian that the Lord caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam and took from his side a rib and formed the woman that Adam called Eve-this should be interpreted that the Man Adam like all other Men had the seed within him to propagate his species. but not the Woman. she conceives the seed but she does not produce it. consequently she was taken from the side or bowels of her father. this explains the mystery of Mose's dark sayings in regard to Adam and Eve. Adam & Eve when they were placed on this earth were immortal beings with flesh. bones and sinues. but upon partaking of the fruits of the earth while in the garden and cultivating the ground their bodies became changed from immortal to mortal beings with the blood coursing through their veins as the action of life= Adam was not under transgression until affter he partook of the forbidden fruit this was nesesary that they might be together that man might be. the woman was found in transgression not the Man- Now in the law of Sacrifice we have the promise of a Savior and man had the privilege and showed forth his obedience by offering of the first fruits of the earth and the firstlings of the flocks- this as a showing that Jesus would come and shed his blood.

[Four lines without any writing on them.] Father Adam's oldest son (Jesus the Saviour) who is the heir of the family is Father Adams first begotten in the spirit World. who according to the flesh is the only begotten as it is written. (In his divinity he having gone back into the spirit World. and come in the spirit to Mary and she conceived for when Adam and Eve got through with their Work in this earth. they did not lay their bodies down in the dust, but returned to the spirit World from whence they came.

I felt myself much blessed in being [DEL: peraitted :DEL] [sic] permitted to Associate with such men and hear such instructions as they savored of life to me- (3)

1 - Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,
2 - Diary of Apostle Brigham Young Jr.,
3 - Diary Excerpts of L. John Nuttall,

LDS History Chronology: Unconventional Baptisms

Mormon History Timeline: Forms of Rebaptism in LDS History

Rebaptism, Jan 1, 1877

-- Jan 1, 1877
[Apostle Brigham Young Jr. Diary] Temple dedication. People assembled in the font room and basement rooms] Bro[ther] Wilford Woodruff kneeled near the top of west steps, and read a lengthy prayer time 24 minutes. He expressed a hope that it would not weaken the faith of any to hear or see him read his prayer from manuscript. All very good, and Satisfactory. [adjourned to main upper room, Bro[ther]s Woodruff, Snow and I sat on lower Melchisideck [Melchizedek] stand in front of which B[righam] Y[oung] sat, and L. Snow read his prayer. Thereafter B[righam] Y[oung] Jr read the dedicatory prayer for B[righam] Y[oung].] Returned to main room-- Bro[ther]s W[oodruff] and S[now] spoke a few words. Pres[iden]t B[righam] Y[oung] leaning on his cane and one crutch [came into the lower Melch. stand] He said, the saints may be satisfied with this dedication & [?] it was good, But he would never be satisfied until he had whipped the devils and driven them off this earth, bringing his cane down on the Stand front making three dents which will remain as long as the board remains ... Elders Woodruff Snow and myself set Bro[ther]s. Woodbury and J. Gales Jr. apart to mission to Sandwich Island. (1)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Jan 1 This is a vary important day to the Church and Kingdom of God on the Earth. President Brigham Young, The Apostles Wilford Woodruff, Erastus Snow, Brigham Young jr with some two Thousand Saints assembled within the walls of the Temple of our God, built in St George, for the purpose of Dedicating Certain Portions of it unto God that we might be prepared to Commence giving Endowments and Blessings and sealings unto the Saints.

At 30 Minuts past 12 oclok Elder W. Woodruff stood on the upper step of the font and Called the attention of the people and said we are this day blessed with a privilege that but few since the days of Adam have Ever Enjoyed. But few of the sons of Adam have Ever had the privilege of Entering into a Temple built By the Commandment of God in which to administer ordinances both for the living and the dead.

We have now assembled to dedicate portions of this Temple unto God, and I have a request to make of all the saints who are present and I suppose all who are profesed [to] be saints for none others should be here. I realize that this assembly Cannot bow the knee in these Crouded Condition. But you Can bow your heads and your hearts unto God and this I want you to do this day. And those who offer up Prayers in the dedication of this Temple I want their words repeated in secret by this assembly befor the Lord that our prayers may assend into the Ears of the Lord of Sabath that they may be answerd upon our heads. The saints do not prize as they should the blessings they Enjoy.

At the Clo[ths?] of thes remarks The following Hymn was sung: The spirit of God like a fire is burning. Then Erastus Snow anounced that Elder Wilford Woodruff would Offer the dedication Prayer. The dedication Prayer by Elder Wilford Woodruff:

O God our Heavenly Father, the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Thou who hast created the Heavens the Earth the Seas and the fountains of living waters and all things that dwell therein except of the gratitude of our hearts and the Thanksgiving of thy people that Thou hast Preserved our lives to again enter into another Temple which hath been built by thy Saints in these vallies of the mountains in which to organize the Holy Priesthood and to administer the ordinances of the gospel of the Son of God both for the living and the dead.

O our God we thy sons and daughters have assembled to gether in the Name of thy Son Jesus Christ within the walls of this Temple this day for the Purpose of dedicating and Consecrating a portion of this house unto the Lord Our God that it may be Holy and acceptable in thy sight. May the prayers of thy People ascend into thine ears O Lord, and be heard and answerd upon their heads.

We now dedicate this Temple Block, the Land, the water tank, the fencing, and all appertaining thereto that it may be Holy in thy sight. We dedicate and Consecrate the foundation upon which this Temple Stands that it may be Holy unto the Lord our God. This foundation has been Created through much labor and diligence of thy servants, and we Pray O God that thy blessing may rest upon it that it may remain as firm as the foundation of the Everlasting Hills that it may not be moved to the injury of this Temple which is built upon its foundation.

We dedicate the outer walls of this Temple unto thy name O Lord that they may be Holy and all the materials of which they are Composed the rock, the mortar, the sand, the lime, the plastering inside and out and every material that is used in their Construction that it may be sanctified unto the Lord. We dedicate all the windows belonging to this Basement Story, the sills, the frames, the sash, the glass, the Putty, the weights, the Cords the fastnings the paints and all the material of which they are Composed that they may be Holy unto the Lord. We dedicate all the outer stepts or stairways leading to the Temple, with the railings the Stone wood Iron, lead and all materials of which they are Composed. We dedicate unto the Lord all the inner walls of the Temple with all the materials of which they are Composed that they may be Holy. We dedicate all the doors of the basemet unto the Lord with the frames bolts screws locks and all fastnings that they may be Holy.

We dedicate unto thy most Holy Name the font which thy people have Erected for the ordinance of Baptism for the living and the dead. We dedicate the flaging, the foundation upon which the font stands unto the Lord. We dedicate the Twelve oxen that bear up the font that they may be Holy. We dedicate the font itself with the Steps leading to it and the railing and all materials of which they are Composed the Casting, the Iron, Stone or wood and we pray that they may be acceptable unto the O Lord Our God. We dedicate the Boiler the Engine, and the pipes leading to the font, and washing baths for the washing of thy People unto thee O Lord that they may be Holy. We dedicate the railing that surrounds the font unto thee.

We dedicate unto the Lord Our God the rooms which will be used by thy people for the Creation, the Garden, the Telestial the Terrestrial and for the washing and anointing of thy people and all other rooms the water tank, and all belonging to this basement Story of this Temple of the Lord Our God. We dedicate and Consecrate all the materials of which these rooms are Composed The timbers, the Joist, the flooring, and the nails that they may be Holy unto the Lord. We dedicate all the frame petitions with the Curtains and doors thereoff that they may be Holy and acceptable unto the Lord.

We dedicate all the Carpeting which is laid upon the floors unto the Lord Our God, that the labor of the Mothers and Daughters of Zion may be acceptable in the sight of all Heaven. We dedicate all the Altars with their Covering and trimings which are used in these rooms unto the Lord our God praying that they may be acceptable unto thee.

We dedicate unto the Lord all the Chairs Benches and all materials which Shall be used in the seating of thy People in the rooms of this house. We dedicate unto the Lord all the furniture made use of in the rooms of this house the desks, stands, Stoves, pipes, wood Boxes and all materials that they may be Holy unto the Lord.

We dedicate all the pillars and beems resting upon the pillars erected in the lower rooms of this Temple for the support of the upper rooms that they may be Holy unto the Lord.

We dedicate all the Stairways leading from the basement to the upper rooms with the stairs and railing and all materials made use of in their Construction that they may be Holy and we dedicate all the white washing and painting and Plastering inside and out, and any material not heretofore named made use off in the Construction of this Temple that it may be Holy unto the Lord Our God.

And we ask thee our Father in heaven in the Name of thy Son Jesus Christ that thou wilt accept of this Temple at the Hands of thy Saints both Male and females who have built it unto thy Holy Name, and may no unclean thing be permitted to Enter therein. Wilt thou Bless all of thy servants and handmadens with the spirit and power of God who shall administer in any of the ordinances of life and Salvation within the walls of this House. And all thy People who Enter the threshhold of this Temple may they feel thy power and be constrained to acknowledge that the Power of God rests upon it.

And we ask in the name of Jesus Christ the son of the living God that the prayer offerd up in the further dedications of other parts of this house this day or at any future time in the dedication of this house by those holding the Apostleship or Holy Priesthood that there prayers may enter into the Ears of the Lord of Sabaoth and be answered upon the heads of thy people.

O Lord be not angry with thy Servants while we Continue our supplications befor thee in this the Temple of our God. Thou has said that thou would take unto thyself them whom thou woulds take and preserve in life them whom thou wouldst preserve. Thou has taken unto thyself thine aged servant Joseph Smith the Patriarch, and his Sons Joseph, Hiram, Carloss & Samuel and many others of thy Servants. But thou hast raised up unto thyself thy Servant Brigham Young as a Lawgiver unto Israel and a leader of thy People. Thou has taken unto thyself his Councellors Willard, Jedediah, Heber and George A. Yet thou hast sustained thy servant Brigham for a generation as men Count time by the right hand of thy power. He has been with thy people through all their afflictions and persecutions and led them to these mountains of Israel and guided and directed the settlements of thy saints and all the affairs of Zion as inspired by the power of God in this the last dispensation and fulness of times in the which thou hast said thou wouldst Esstablish thy kingdom to be thrown down no more forever.

Therefore O Lord our God we pray that thou wilt give thy people faith that we may Claim this blessing of thee the Lord of Hosts that thou wilt lay thy hand upon thy servant Brigham unto the renewal of his body and the healing of his infirmities and the lengthning out of his days and years. Yea O Lord may he live to behold the inhabitants of Zion united and enter into the Holy Order of God, and keep the Celestial Law that they may be justified before Thee.

May he live to behold Zion redeemed and successfully fight the devils visible or invisible that make war upon thy Saints. May he live to behold other Temple built and dedicated unto thy name and accepted of Thee O Lord our God and we pray thee our Father in heaven in the name of Jesus Christ if it Can be Consistent to thy will that thy servant Brigham may stand in the flesh to Behold the Nation who now occupies the land upon which thou O Lord hast said the Zion of God should stand in the Latter Day That Nation who hast shed the Blood of Prophets and Saints which Cry unto God day and night for vengance The Nation who are making war against God and his Christ, That Nation whose Sins wickedness and abominations are assending up before God and the heavenly Hosts which Causes all Eternity to be pained and the Heavens to weep like the falling rain yea O Lord that He may live to see that Nation (if they will not repent and serve God) broaken in peaces like a potters vessel and swept from off the face of the Earth as with the besom of destruction as were the Jaredites and Nephites that the land of Zion may scease to groan under the wickedness and abominations of those who now Cumber the ground.

And we pray thee O God that thou wilt bless all the Councillors to thy servant Brigham. Bless thy servant John W Young his first Councillor that he may be Clothed upon with the power of God that He may be a polished shaft in thy quiver in the defence of Zion and her Cause. May he Comfort the heart of his Father and have the Blessing of God and thy people upon his head.

Bless the household of thy servant Brigham his wives and Children and all appertaining unto him. May his posterity remain upon the Earth in righteousness untill the Coming of the Messiah and through the Millennium.

Bless thy servant Daniel H. Wells with the spirit and power of God and all his houshold. Bless all Councillors to thy servant Brigham with their wives and Children and all appertaining unto them.

Bless O Lord thine Apostles that the spirit and Power of the Apostleship may rest upon them. Bless their wives and Children with Salvation and Eternal life and may all the apostles of the Lamb of the last dispensation and fullness of times realize their responsibilities before God Angels & men and magnify their Calling in that way and manner that they will be satisfied at the End of their labor.

Bless O Lord thy servant George Q Cannon who is Our deligate appointed to represent us in the Capital of our Nation. Cloth him with thy power O God and Enable him to do thy will that his garments may be Clean of the Blood of this Nation that they may be left without excuse in the day of thy judgments upon them for thou knowest O Lord that their destruction is at the door.

O Lord Bless all the Patriarchs whom thou has appointed. May they have power to Bless the people by inspiration as did the Ancients that their blessings may be fulfilled upon the heads of the Saints. Bless their families and all appertaining unto them.

We pray thee O Lord to Bless the High Priest Quorum throughout the land of Zion. May the power of the Priesthood rest upon them that they may magnify their Calling and have power to build up the Zion of God on the Earth. Bless their wives and Children and all appertaining unto them.

We pray thee Our Heavenly Father to Bless the Quorums of seventies with their Presidents. They are Called to be special Messengers to the Nations of the Earth. Bless them With the Testimony of Jesus Christ. We pray thee that they may bring many souls unto Christ and be prepared to assist in binding the Law, and sealing the Testimony among the Gentiles in thine own due time. Bless their wives Children and all their households. May the Blessings of God rest upon all the Elders of Israel in all the world with their families.

O our Father in Heaven we pray thee to remember in Mercy the Aaronic Priesthood with their Bishops, Priests, Teachers, and Deacons who are appointed to be standing Ministers unto the Church. Cloth them with the Power of God Salvation and Eternal Life with their wives and Children.

Bless we pray thee thine aged Servant Edward Hunter who is Called to preside over the Bishopprick. Thou hast seen his labor and knowest the integrity of his heart. Cloth him with thy Holy Spirit. Fill him with the spirit of Council and Consolation to his brethren and preserve him in the flesh as long as he shall desire life. And when he shall sleep with his Fathers may he rest in peace and the works of righteousness follow him.

Bless all the organizations of the Church and kingdom. May thy people accomplish the work unto which they are ordained, build up the Zion of God, and prepare the Earth for the Coming of the Son of man. Bless the female relief Society throughout the land of Zion. May they fully accomplish the object of their organization by thy servant Joseph. May they influence the daughters of Zion to deeds of virtue, Holiness, Righteouness and truth. May thy Blessings of Sarah, Huldah, Hannah, Anna, & Mary the Ancient Prophetess and Holy women rest upon them.

O God of Abram Isaac, & Jacob, we ask thee in the name of Jesus Christ thy Son that thou wilt Remember thy Covenants which thou hast made with the whole house of Israel. Remember them in all their abidings in these last days. We Pray thee in this the Temple of our God that thou wilt make bare thine arm of power in the preservation and Salvation of the small remnant of the Laminites that are left in the land. Deliver them O God from the hand of the gentiles who seek to annihilate them from off the Earth. Inspire their hearts with thy spirits to receive the Gospel of the Son of God that they may be prepared to build up Zion and fulfill the Covenants and promises made unto them by their forefathers who inherited this land.

Remember O Lord thy Covenant people in the North Country. Hasten the day when they shall Come in rememberance before Thee, when their Prophets shall smite the rocks, and the mountains of Ice shall flow down before them. May the highway spedily be cast up in the midst of the great deep, that they may Come over dry shod. May the Everlasting hills tremble at their Presence and their Enemies become a prey unto them. May they Come forth unto Zion and bow the knee that they may be Crowned in Zion under the hands of Ephraim thy Servants.

We also pray thee O God that thou wilt remember in Mercy the sons of Judah upon whose heads the Blood of Jesus Christ has rested for Eighteen hundred years. They have been trampled under the feet of the gentiles and been made a hiss and A by word in fulfillment of the words of Moses their lawgiver and of Jesus of Nazareth. And we pray thee O Thou Great Eloheem that the past may suffise. Inspire their hearts to return home to Jerrusalem the land of their Fathers and rebuild their City and Temple that they may be prepared for the Coming of Shilo their king. O Hear, O Hear us O Lord in these our petitions and answer us from heaven thine Holy habitation and we will ascribe all honor glory and Thanksgiving unto God and the Lamb both now and forever Amen and Amen.

- = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A Dedication Song was then sung Composed by Brother C L Walker. The assembly was then requested to repair to the next main room over the font. After the people got seated President Young and the Twelve occupied the East Stand. Then we Sung This house we dedicate to Thee. Then Elder Erastus Snow offered the following Prayer:

O God Our Eternal Father Creator of all things who raised up the Prophet Joseph Smith, to organize the Holy Priesthood after the order of thy Son, and lay the foundations of Zion and Esstablish thy Church and Kingdom among men upon the Earth, We thy servants and people appear before thee in this Holy house which we have built unto thy name and stretch forth our hands unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and in his name we beseech Thee to hear the Prayer of thy Servant Wilford Woodruff which has been this day offered up in the font room of this House, and answer it upon this house and people. We implore thy blessing upon thy people and upon this House which we dedicate and Consecrate unto the Most High.

This room esspecially we Hallow unto Thee and beseech thee to accept it as the Offering of thy people and sanctify it to their use for Sacred and Holy purposes and to thine own Glory it being the principle room on the first floor over the font and above the basement together with its adjoining Vestery, Halls Entry ways and outer Steps leading up into the Same also the Stair Cases Closets and Every thing appertaining to this room and its surroundings Even the foundations on which it rests the pillars and timbers laid on them with the Joists the floor the base boards the Columns Supporting the upper floor with their base and Capitols, the walls with the rock morter the inner and outer plastering and all the material of which they are Composed the platforms with their foundations on which the several Pulpits are built together with the stands or pulpits even those in the Eastern End appointed for the use of the Melchesidek Priesthood and its appendiges with their seats and doors their aisles stepts railings banisters and Newel posts together with the platforms and Seats on Either side prepared for the use of the Elders and High Priests and the visiting Apostles and seventies with the aisles and railing thereunto belonging, also the platforms with the several pulpits in the western End for the use of the Aaronic Priesthood namly the Bishoppric or presidency of the Aaronic Priesthood, the presidency of the Priest Quorum, the Presidency of the Teachers Quorum, and the presidency of the Deacons Quorum, and all seats, doors, aisles, railings, and banisters with the sides seats arranged for visiting Bishops and for the Priests Teachers and Deacons.

Also the Ceilings and Cornices the arch and its Centre peaces its Cornices above the Columns with the guilded Stars and other devices and ornamentation thereof, also the windows with the frames sash glass pully and fastnings that they may afford light in this appartment. Also the inner and outer doors with all their hangings locks and fastnings, the Seats dressing rooms partitions Curtains and Veil, the Stove, utensils and all things to be used herein with all wood Iron Brass Nails screws bolts paints and all materials made use of That all may be sanctified unto the most Holy Name and be preserved from fire and all the Elements that might injure and destroy the Same from all wicked and ungodly men, from all defilement within and without that thy Holy Spirit may dwell herein and thine Angels minister unto thy servants and thy Law with thy Judgments and Statues be made known unto thy people and be Ever reveared herein, that it may be a place of prayer, meditation and sacred instruction that all who Come herein may feel thy presens and sanctifying influence, uncover their heads and loose the shoes from off their feet and Reverence thy Holy Name.

We Beseech thee Holy Father in the Name of thy Son to look down upon thy servants and people in great Mercy and forgive their sins and follies. We thank thee for thy Care and protection over thy servants and handmadens who have labored to gather the material and to build this house. And not withstanding the difficulties and dangers the accidents and snares that beset them the Enemy has not had power to Slay them nor has limb been broaken or blood shed upon this building or these grounds Consecrated unto thee. Let thy Choice blessings Continue upon thy people who have labored upon or Contributed to build this House. Inasmuch as they have done it in faith, may they and their generations after them and through them the Fathers before them enjoy the blessings and Exaltation which flow through the ordinances of thy House and the administration of thy Holy Priesthood.

Bles esspecially thy servant Brigham Young whom thou hast given us for a leader and Presidet over all thy People by whose hand thou didst lead them unto this land and plant their feet in the Tops of the Mountains and inspired him to build this house unto thee with all the appartments and appointments thereof. Comfort him in his old age. Heal up his body, relieve him of his akes and pains, fill him with the revelations of thy spirit that he may be able to speak thy word unto the people and to order all things in this thine house and among thy people as thou wilt. Bless also his wives and Children and all thou hast given him.

Bless in like manner his Councillers John W. Young and Daniel H Wells and the assistant Councillors with all the Apostles their wives and Children Houses lands flocks & herds. Strengthen them in body and spirit to Enable them to over Come the world and magnify their Callings unto the End. Preserve their offspring from wickedness from unbelief and rebellion from pride worldly mindedness and folly from apostacy and the second death. If any have gone astray chasten them in thy Mercy and restore them into thy fold. Enable them to walk in the footsteps of their fathers and become shining lights throughout the world that in them all Nations may be blessed.

Remember thy servants laboring in thy vineyard throughout the Earth. Raise up friends to minister unto their necessities. Make their Testimony powerful unto all people gathering out the righteous and ripening the wicked for the Consumption decreed.

Hasten the redemption of the Lamanites and the gathering of Israel from England to esstablish Zion and rebuild Jerrusalem. Preserve the remnants of Joseph from destruction. Open their Ears and hearts to receive the record of their fathers and thy ministering servants sent among them. Visit them in dreams and Visions and show them the way of Life and unite them for good over all the land that they may be able to build Zion even the New Jerrusalem upon this land of their Fathers.

Confound thine Enemies and all who fight against Zion. Let those who will not repent be wasted away when their Cup of iniquity is full. Cloth thy Saints with Salvation as with a garment. Lead them in paths of rightousness and peace. Let them triumph gloriously for thine is the kingdom Power and Glory forever. Amen.

Redeemer of Israel was then sung. The Congregation was then requested to remain seated while the Presidet Member of the Twelve and a few others of the Priesthood repaired above to the sealing room. Then some Twenty went up to the Sealing room when a Hymn was sung (Come let us renew). Then Elder Brigham Young Jr offered up the following Prayer:

O Lord God of Israel Thou who showest Mercy unto those who walk uprightly before thee according to the light in them to thee we bow in humble Reverence and Call upon thy Holy Name on this occasion of Dedicating portion of this Temple Created for Holy purposes dispensing the ordinances of thy House unto this generation their progenitors and posterity. Hear and Answer the Prayers offerd by thine Apostles Wilford Woodruff and Erastus Snow that they may penetrate the Ears of the Lord Sabbaoth that the blessings of God may rest upon and in this building from the foundation to the Towers thereof.

And now our Father we have assembled in this upper room wharein we anticipate performing the ordinances of sealing women to Men Children to their Parents and man to his fellow man that the bond may reach unto heaven thy dwelling place and when we attain to that hapPY State and rise with the just in the morning of the first resurrection that we may legally claim the Relationship of Husbands and wives parents and Children and be Crowned Sons and Daughters of God and joint heirs with Jesus our Elder Brother.

We dedicate this room unto thee, the Circular stairs leading to it the board [nails?] and paint which Compose the stairs the Timbers upon which they rest the Studing, Lath, plastering and nailes with the several parts thereof. And we dedicate this room unto the O Our Father the walls and the Stones of which they are built, with the sand and lime and all timber which rest in the walls the Joist and their Bridging and the double floors which rest upon the Joist and the nails and fastnings thereof and the plaster upon the walls and the ornamental Cornice and the Centre ornament and the materials of which they are Composed and the Stove and fixtures within this room together with the windows their Casings weights and Cords sash glass and paint.

We ask thy Blessing upon the Altar which stands within this room, which we dedicate and Consecrate unto thee the Lord our God for the performance of the Cealing ordinance that the hearts of the fathers may be turned to the Children and the hearts of the Children to the fathers. Sanctify to this purpose the boards nails and fastnings and paint and the Cushions upon this Altar and the materials of which they are Composed. All these things severally and Collectively we dedicate unto the fulfilling of thy glorious purposes in the Earth.

Bless those who have labored upon this building and those who shall administer the Ordinances herein. Bless thine aged Servant Presidet Brigham Young with strength to labor in this building as seemeth good unto thee Righteous Father. And now we dedicate and Consecrate ourselves our families all we have with this Congregation unto Thee O God in the name of Jesus Our Redeemer Amen.

At the Close of the prayer we returned to the Lower Court when Elder Snow /and Woodruff/ made a few remarks pertaining to the workings in the Temple Calling upon all who desired to Come forth and attend to the ordinances for themselves and their dead After which President Brigham Young who had been so lame through the day with Rheumatism in his feet had been Carried through the house in a Chair by 3 men but upon this occasion he arose and walked into the lower Stand and made the following remarks:

I Cannot Consent in my feelings to retire from this house without exercising my strength the strength of my Lungs stomach and speaking organs in speaking to this people. I hardly dare to say what is in my heart to say to this people. Perhaps it will not be prudent but I will say a few encouraging things to the Latter Day Saints that is they ought to be incouraging.

We that are here are enjoying a privilege that we have no knowledge of any other people Enjoying since the days of Adam. Brethren and Sisters do you understand this? It seems a great many of the people know nothing about it. It is true that Solomon built a Temple for the purpose of Giving Endowments but from what we Can learn of the History of that time they gave vary few if any Endowmets and one of the High Priest was murdered by wicked and Corrupt men who had already began to apostitize because he would not reveal those things appertaining to the Priesthood that was forbidden for him to reveal untill he Came to the proper place.

I will not say but what Enoch had Temples and officiated in them but we have no account of it. We know that he raised up a people so pure and holy that they were not permitted to remain with the wicked inhabitants of the Earth but were taken to another place.

We as Latter Day Saints have been laboring for over forty years and the revelations given us in the first were to esstablish the kingdom by gathering the Saints, Building Temples, and organizing the people as the family of heaven here on the Earth. We reared up a Temple in Kirtland but we had no basement in it nor a font or preparations to give Endowments for the living or the dead. It was left by the Saints they going to Missouri.

Joseph Located the site for the Temple in Jackson Co Mo. and pointed out the South East Cornor of the Temple in the year Eighteen hundred Thirty one Also laid the Cornor Stone for a Temple in Far west Caldwell County Mo. But these temple were not built. We built one in Nauvoo. I could pick out several before me now that were there when it was built and know just how much was finished and what was done. It is true we left Brethren there with instructions to finish it and they got it nearly Completed before it was burned but the Saints did not Enjoy it.

Now we have a Temple which will all be finished in a few days and of which their is enough Completed to Commence work therein which has not been done since the days of Adam that we have any knowledge of. Now those that Can see the spiritual Atmosphere Can see that many of the Saints are Still glued to this Earth and lusting and Longing after the thing of this world in which there is no profit.

It is true we should look after the things of this world and devote all to the building up of the Kingdom of God. According to the present feeling of many of our Brethren they would arogate to themselves this world and all that pertains to it, and cease not day nor night to see that it was devoted to the building up of the kingdom of the Devil and if they had the power they would build a railroad to Carry it to hell and esstablish themselves there. Whare are the Eyes and hearts of this people? Whare is their interest for their own salvation and that of their fore fathers? We Enjoy privileges that are Enjoyed by no one Els on the face of the Earth. Supposing we were awake to this thing namly the salvation of the human family this house would be Crouded as we hope it will be from Monday morning untill Saturday night.

This House was built here in this place purposely whare it is warm and plesant in the winter time and Comfortable to work also for the Lamanites and all those Coming from the South to receive their Endowments and other Blessings.

What do you suppose the fathers would say if they Could speak from the dead? Would they not say we "have lain here thousand of years here in this prision House waiting for this dispensation to Come. Here we are bound and fettered in the association of those who are filthy." What would they whisper in our Ears? Why if they had the power the vary thunders of heaven would be in our Ears if we Could but realize the importance of the work we are ingaged in. All the Angels in heaven are looking at this little handful of people. So also are the devils in hell looking at this people too and trying to overthrow us and the people are still shaking hands with the devil instead of sanctifying themselves and Calling upon the Lord and doing his work which He has Commanded us and put into our hands to do. When I think upon this subject I want the Tongues of sev[ere?] thunders to wake up the people. Can the Fathers be saved without us? No. Can we be saved without them? No. And if we do not wake up and scease to long after the things of this Earth we will find that we as individuals will go down to Hell although the Lord will preserve a people unto himself.

Now we are ready to give Endowments. Do you have any feelings for those who have died without hearing the gospel? The spirit was awakened in the people in the North when we gave the word that we should do no more work in the Endowment House they Came to us Crying and pleading to be baptized for their dead. What Els Could they do? They Can Come here and do the work for their dead and put these poor prisioners on the ground whare they will be free. Do we realize this? As long as we tarry here we are subjet to the world, but now go to like men and women and say we will Embrace the Truth and Enter into the Covenants of God and Carry them out. Then the bonds are broaken and the Harts of the people are united in the Father.

Perhaps Brethren and Sisters you will not get my meaning but now go to work and let those infernal holes in the ground alone, and let the Gentiles alone who would destroy us if they had the power. You are running after them and /some of/ our Brethren are putting their wives and daughters into their society and will go to the devil with them to if they do not look out. I would not have a dollar on the Earth if I had to get it there. It has been the kingdom of God with me and what I have I have got in this kingdom. Well now some of the Elders are running after these holes in the ground and I see men here before me in this house that have no right to be here. They are as Corrupt in their harts as they Can be and we take them by the Hand and Call them Brother. You will go to Hell lots of you unless you repent. You may think this is plain talk. It is not as plain as you will find by and By. You will go to the gates of Heaven and Jesus will say I never knew you. While you have been saying your prayers and going to your Meeting and [are] as Corrupt in your hearts as man Can be you had better stop now and repent of your sins and sin no more while their is yet time and before the doors are Closed against you. I want to awake you up and if I had the power to lift the veil from your Eyes and let you see things as they are you would be asstonished not but what there are a great many of the people as good as they know how to be.

Now I will say Bless the people that they may do better. But show some of the Elders of Israel according to their present Conduct a dollar on one side and Eternal Life on the other and I fear they would Chuse the Dollar. We are now prepared to attend to Baptizing and giving Endowments and shall appoint Tuesdays and wednesdays for Baptisms and Thursdays and Fridays for Endowments and sealings as a standing appointment for the present. God Bless you. Amen.

I do not know whether the people are satisfied With the services of the dedication of the Temple or not. I am not half satisfied and I never Expect to be satisfied untill the devil is whiped and driven from off the face of the Earth.

In the last remark the Presidet made he struck the pulpit with a hickery Cane filled with knots With such power that he buried three of the knots into the solid wood that they may remain there for a generation if they are not filled up. His feet began to amend from the time he made his speech.

Thus I have recorded in my Journal 20 Pages of the Prayers and procedings of the dedication of this the Temple of the Lord in St George.

- = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The Quire sang a hymn glorious things of the are spoken The Assembly passing out at the front doors The services having Continued three hours.

- = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = (2)

1 - Diary of Apostle Brigham Young Jr.,
2 - Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,

LDS History Chronology: Unconventional Baptisms

Mormon History Timeline: Forms of Rebaptism in LDS History

Rebaptism, Jun 21, 1876

-- Jun 21, 1876
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... I then went to the Endowment House & there was Baptized [ ] & W Woodruff sealed 145 Couple for the Dead & J F Smith 36 Couple. I was vary much distressed in my lungs before I Closed. (1)

-- Jun 22, 1876
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 22d I went into the Endowment House with my family and others & we were Baptized for our dead friends for 924 Nine hundred & Twenty Four mostly for the Hart Family & Carters As Follows: Azmon Woodruff for 103 Wilford Woodruff sen 110, Ezra Carter Foss 46, Matthias Foss Cowley 130, Bulah A. Woodruff Beatie 123, Emma Smith Woodruff for 62, Emma M. Woodruff 106, Sarah B Foss for 21, Sarah Elizabeth Foss Fox 33, Rhoda H Richards 25, Elizabeth Pierce 40 Ida Foss Woolly 93, & Sarah Elizabett Richards 32. I then Returned home and went to the field & back. 6.

I Sealed 2 dead women to my Brother Azmon Woodruff Harriet Cole & Lydia Ann Wheeler Also Elizabeth Hart to Wakeman Stanley. Samuel H. B. Smith done all the Baptizing during the two days labor. (1)

-- October 1, 1876
A woman is considered healed from possession by an evil spirit when baptized for her health [George W. Hill, Letter, October 1, 1876] (2)

-- Oct 11, 1876
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 11 Oct 1876 I spent this day in the Endowment House. Brother Samuel H. B. Smith Baptized this day Persons 1,207 times for the dead, the most ever Baptized in this last dispensation in one day by one man, and probably the most Ever Baptized since the world began in one day by one man. Daniel H. Wells sealed for the Dead 102 Couple & Wilford Woodruff 108 Couple Total 210 sealings. (1)

-- Oct 12, 1876
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Oct 12 I also spent this day in the Endowment House. We Baptized 603, And Daniel H Wells sealed at the altar 175 Couple mostly for the dead and Wilford Woodruff sealed at the Altar for the Dead 125 Couple. Total sealed at the Altar 300 Couple in one day the most sealings Ever performed in one day by two men in this dispensation, if not during the age of the world. (1)

-- Oct 18, 1876
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Oct 18 I spent the day in the Endowment House. Brother S. H. B. Smith Baptized 1,119. D. H. Wells sealed 94 Couple for the Dead W. Woodruff 86, G. Q. Cannon 53. Total Sealed 233 Couple 16 of which were sealed to W Woodruff. (1)

-- Oct 19, 1876
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... I spent the day in the Endowment House. We Baptized 1,300. W Woodruff sealed 75 and my lungs Entirely gave out and I had to leave the House. D H Wells sealed 150, & Joseph F Smith sealed 35 Total sealed 250. (1)

-- Nov 10, 1876
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 10 In Company with President Young G Q Cannon B. Young jr I visited the Temple and went through evry depart[ment] of it from Baptismal font in the Basement to the top of the Roof and it was a glorious sight. The power of God rested upon us. The Temple is nearly finished and will soon be ready for dedication. The Temple in St George is 143 feet long, 93 feet wide, 84 feet high to the square and is as white as snow both inside and out and is a Beautiful Contrast with the red appearance of the surrounding Country. The Stands at the Melchizedek and Aaronic Priesthoods were Plain but vary Beautiful. The following are the letters to be placed upon the East Stand:

P.M.P.H President of the Melchizedeck Priesthood

P.S.Z. President of the Stake of Zion

P.H.P.Q. President of the High Priest Quorum

P.E.Q. President of the Elders Quorum

Letters upon the West Stand are

P.A.P. President of the Aaronic Priesthood

P.P.Q. President of the Priest Quorum

P.T.Q. President of the Teachers Quorum

P.D.Q. President of the Deacons Quorum

After Passing over the House we returned to our abode. The main Hall of the Temple is 99 feet long 78 wide. I wrote 4 letters to Phebe, Emma, Sarah & Delight. (1)

1 - Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,
2 - Stapley, Jonathan & Wright, Kristine, '"They Shall Be Made Whole": A History of Baptism for Health,' Journal of Mormon History, Fall 2008

LDS History Chronology: Unconventional Baptisms

Mormon History Timeline: Forms of Rebaptism in LDS History

Rebaptism, Jun 30, 1875

-- Jun 30, 1875
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 30 I spent the day in the Endowment House. We baptized 356. W Woodruff sealed 128 Couple for the dead the most sealing I Ever done in one day in my life. (1)

-- Jul 11, 1875
[Sermon] Orson Pratt: Immediate Revelation - Spiritual Gifts Necessary in the Christian Church - Apostasy - The Restoration of the Gospel - All Things to Be Gathered in One - Divine Authority - Marriage - Celestial Marriage - Baptism for the Dead, JD 18:41 - 57 (2)

-- Jul 13, 1875
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I met with the Presidency Twelve & Priesthood in General at the old Tabernacle. It was full. Speeches were made by John Taylor, D H Wells G. Q. Cannon & Presidet Young. Nearly the whole Assembly Covenanted to Renew their Covenants & be rebaptized. (1)

-- Jul 17, 1875
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] July 17 1875 I met at the Endowment House at 2 oclok [with] the Presidency & Twelve. President Young & G A Smith went into the font and G. A. Smith Baptized President Brigham Young for the renewal of his Covenant and as an Example to others. G. A. Smith & Daniel H. Wells Confirmed him. President Young then Baptized G A Smith & Daniel H Wells & Confirmed them. President Young then Baptized Wilford Woodruff, Orson Pratt, & Albert Carrington and Confirmed them. Seven of the Twelve were Baptized by D H. Wells at Sanpete County several weeks ago. They were Confirmed by President Young.

I wrote a letter to Brother Harris of Provo. (1)

-- Jul 18, 1875
Apostle Orson Pratt preaches in Salt Lake City that rebaptism "seems to be a kind of standing ordinance for all Later-day Saints who emigrate here, from First Presidency down; all are rebaptized and set out anew by renewing their covenants. After his counselor Daniel H. Wells euloguzes Emmeline Free Young, Brigham Young stuns those at funeral by instructing her children and grand children not to follow his plural wife's "bad example." In her manuscript "My Father's Wives," Susa Young Gates explains that "Aunt Emmeline became addicted to morphine in the later years of her life." (3)

-- Aug 3, 1875
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Aug 3d 1875 Mrs Woodruff is better to day. Bulah is vary low and suffers Much. I went to the farm & Cut some barley. I spent the Evening with Bulah. Mrs Woodruff anointed her and I Blessed her <and the Lord revealed to me the [iniquity?]> of <the hearts of both man and woman.>

/4 I spent the day in the Endowment House. We Baptized 350. WW sealed 37. D H Wells 17./ (1)

-- Sep 4, 1875
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 4 This day for the first time that I have had an oportunity to attend to the Baptism of the Woodruff family Except in few instances. I went to the Endowment House & had my two daughters Phebe Amelia Woodruff Snow & Bulah Agusta Woodruff Beatie [ ] go to the Endowment House & was Baptized for the female portion of the Woodruff family. Phebe was baptized for 89, and Bulah for 52 Total 141 for the Woodruff family. I Confirmed them all. (1)

-- Sep 8, 1875
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... Went to the Endowment House & We baptized 282. W Woodruff sealed 68 Couple. We had a hard rain in the Afternoon. I wrote one letter to Sarah & David. I sealed 2 dead persons to <President Young>. (1)

-- Jun 14, 1876
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 14 I spent the day at the Endowment House. We Baptized 634 for the dead. W Woodruff sealed 144 Couple for the dead the greatest Number I Ever sealed in one day in my life. Joseph F Smith sealed 28 Couple. Total 172 Couple. It made me nearly Sick. (1)

-- Jun 20, 1876
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] June 20, 1876 Glory Hallalulah for this days for in spite of the Devil through the Blessing of God I have had the privilege this day of going into the Endowment House and with my family have been Baptized for (949) Eight Hundred and Seventy Two of my dead Relatives & friends as Follows: My oldest Brother Azmon Woodruff was Baptized for 120 of the Woodruff Family. I Wilford Woodruff was Baptized for 134 of the Woodruff Family. Bulah Augusta Woodruff Beatie was Baptized for 29 Dead Friends to be <sealed to Wilford Woodruff>. Wilford Woodruff Jr. was Baptized for 187. Brigham Y. Woodruff was Baptized for 153, & David P Woodruff was Baptized for 305 persons the most any one person was Ever Baptized for in one day in this Church & kingdom. Sister Sarah B Foss was Baptized for 21 persons. Total Baptized for & Confirmed for the dead this 20 day of June (949) Nine Hundred & Forty Nine.

I Felt to rejoice that after Forty three years labor in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that I had the privilege of going into a Baptismal font with my Eldest Brother Azmon Woodruff and my Children to redeem our dead. (1)

1 - Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,
2 - Journal of Discourses,
3 - On This Day in Mormon History,

LDS History Chronology: Unconventional Baptisms

Mormon History Timeline: Forms of Rebaptism in LDS History