LDS History, Jan 28, 1843

-- Jan 28, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith played ball with the brethren and rode around the city with Mr. Taylor, a land agent visiting from New York. (1)

-- Feb 3, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith read German and a proof copy of the second edition of the Doctrine and Covenants (published in 1844). (1)

-- Feb 4, 1843 - 18 April 1844
[1st Presidency Changes] Joseph Smith, Jr. Hyrum Smith (Assistant President) Sidney Rigdon (never ordained an apostle) William Law (never ordained an apostle) John Smith (never ordained an apostle, Assistant Counselor) Amasa M. Lyman (Counselor) Amasa M. Lyman called as Counselor (2)

-- Feb 4, 1843
[Quorum of the Twelve] Amasa M. Lyman made a Counselor to First Presidency. (3)

-- Feb 6, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. After spending the forenoon at the city election held at his brother Hyrum Smiths office, Joseph Smith was elected mayor of Nauvoo. (1)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph is re-elected as mayor of Nauvoo. (4)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph is unanimously elected mayor of Nauvoo. (5)

-- Feb 8, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. After visiting with a man and woman from Michigan, Joseph Smith recorded, I went out with my little Frederick, to exercise myself by sliding on the ice. (1)

-- Feb 9, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith received Doctrine & Covenants 129, a revelation about the nature of heavenly beings, stating that there are two kinds of beings in heaven, resurrected angels who have bodies of flesh and bones and the spirits of just men made perfect. (1)

-- Feb 11, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. At a city council meeting, Joseph Smith reproved the judges for closing the polls at six oclock, when there were many wishing to vote. (1)

-- Feb 13, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. In the course of an evening at Elder Orson Hydes home, Joseph Smith remarked that those brethren who came here having money, and purchased without the Church and without counsel, must be cut off. (1)

-- Feb 15, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith published a letter in the Times and Seasons containing a parable about the libel and persecutions he had received from the press. (1)

-- Feb 18, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith taught that the earth would eventually be a urim and thummim. (1)

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