George Albert Smith, Mar 26, 1951

-- Mar 26, 1951
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "President Clark rode up with Arthur, and at my request he gave me a blessing. I later learned that President Clark talked with my daughters Emily and Edith [daughters] and Dr. Kimball about the desirability of putting some clues in the papers indicating that my condition is not good. ...upon further consideration with President McKay, however, it was decided to wait to report to the people on my condition." (1)

-- Mar 27, 1951
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Irrational at times." [Nurses Notes] (1)

-- March 31, 1951
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Arthur brought President Clark up to see me and on his way back President Clark stopped in to see the doctor, who indicates that there is not much hope for my recovery. I have felt much the same thing for some time." (1)

-- Apr 1, 1951
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Pt. disoriented most of day." [Nurses Notes] (1)

-- Mon Apr 2, 1951
[David O. McKay Office Journal] April 2, 1951: 10:00 a.m. Received word from the doctor that President Smith was in a very serious condition. I went immediately to the house anda was shocked at his appearance. He did not seem to recognize me--the first time since his sickness. I realized that possibly the end was not far off. It came as quite a shock to my nervous system, for I fully sensed then what his passing means. I remained at his bedside until about 12:30 p.m. At about 11:00 am.m, I called Ray and had her come up to the Smith home, and she stayed with me until 12:30 p.m. (2)

-- Apr 2, 1951
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Had a relapse this morning. The nurse sent for the doctor and Arthur came right up, and called President Clark and President McKay who came right away to see me. President Clark was in Grantsville, and President McKay had been to Huntsville ad returned soon after Arthur called." (1)

[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Know his son." [Nurses Notes] (1)

-- Apr 3, 1951
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "President Clark came up I the evening to see me and we talked for a while, but I was so very weak and tired that it was difficult." (1)

-- Apr 4, 1951
[David O. McKay Office Journal] April 4, 1951: 10:00 a.m. Received a telephone call from Dr. LeRoy Kimball, President Smith's personal physician, who reported that President Smith is failing, and that the end is near--perhaps within an hour. I told him to keep in touch with me, and let me know when I should come to his bedside. 11:00 a.m. Went to President Smith's home. The family asked me to give him a blessing. In doing so I broke down with emotion.

Just a few moments after seven o' clock this evening, received a call to come to the bedside of President Smith, as the end was drawing near. Arrived there just a few moments prior to his passing at 7:27 p.m. President Clark and members of the immediate family were present. (2)

-- 1951. April 4
(George Albert Smith) : George Albert Smith died on his eighty-first birthday at his Yale Avenue home in Salt Lake City of lupuserythematosus disseminatus, a disease of the connective tissue which may have contributed to his mental collapse. Buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. (3)

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