Speaking in Tongues, 1955

-- 1955
The ability of some Maori saints to understand David O. McKay's address without interpreter has also been cited as a modern occurrence of tongues. [Clare Middlemiss, comp., Cherished Experiences (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1955), 73-74] (1)

-- March 1975
[Ensign article] "Do people still speak in tongues today?"

Answer/Brother John E. Carr

The simple answer is yes they do.

But I am sure you want some evidences. Perhaps these are so numerous that you do not recognize them. Because of the very nature of this subject you may be inclined to look for the spectacular or something so out of the ordinary that only then would you believe you have seen evidence of the gift. ...

Hundreds of testimonies have been given by missionaries and some remarkable experiences are recorded in Church history evidencing this gift in the lives of such recent church leaders as President David O. McKay, (Gospel Ideals, p. 552.) Elder Alonzo A. Hinckley, (Answers to Gospel Questions 2:32–33.), and others.

As one of this dispensationÂ's great leaders and a devout missionary in his middle teens, President Joseph F. Smith was so blessed with this gift that he taught the Hawaiians in their own language. On one occasion he said, Â"So far as I am concerned, if the Lord will give me ability to teach the people in my native tongue or in their own language to the understanding of those who hear me, that will be sufficient gift of tongues to me.Â" (Gospel Doctrine, p. 201.)

But consider another evidence that is very prominent today. In 32 languages throughout the world the work of translating the scriptures and other publications of the Church is being carried forward. Many translators who can scarcely claim a complete knowledge of English read and study the gospel in the English language and translate their understanding into their native tongue. By persistent effort and practice they develop the gift they have received and become proficient in the work. ...

Missionaries are being prepared in language training missions for the work of teaching the gospel in a foreign tongue, and all of this that the scriptures may be fulfilled. ... [John E. Carr, "Do People Still Speak in Tongues Today?" New Era (March 1975): 48-49.] (1)

-- During 1990
[Temple] Following surveys of Church members' feelings about the endowment, major revisions are made:

... syllables purported to having meaning in the Adamic language are omitted. ... (2)

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