Lorenzo Snow, Aug 1, 1899; Tuesday

-- Aug 1, 1899; Tuesday
Presidents Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith were at the office. On motion of

President Smith, seconded by President Cannon, the sum of $300 was appropriated to the fund now being raised by subscription for the purpose of welcoming home the Utah Volunteers from the Philippines. This in response to a request from the committee appointed to solicit such subscriptions, they having asked the Church to subscribe.

Recently there appeared in "The Arena", over the signature of Theodore Curtis, a favorable article on the Mormon people, and some one (supposed to be A. T[heodore]. Schroeder) sent an answer to the editor of that paper, making a bitter attack upon the Saints. The editor sent President Cannon a copy of the latter article, inviting him to give our side of the question, so that both sides might appear in the same number of that publication. This friendly act was much appreciated, and the matter was now referred to Brothers [Franklin D.] Richards, [Orson F.] Whitney and Jacques, of the Historian's Office, to formulate an answer and submit it. (1)

-- Aug 2, 1899; Wednesday
Presidents Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith were at the office; President George Q. Cannon having left this morning for Boulder, Colorado, to deliver an address before the Chatauqua gathering.

Brother David Eccles called, accompanied by a Brother Jordan. The latter had sold his place with a view to moving to LaGrande, Oregon, but his Bishop had expressed in public his judgment against Brother Jordan's moving there, and as some of his relatives and friends desired to go also, he did not feel free to move without consulting the First Presidency. Presidents Snow and Smith gave Brothers Eccles and Jordan to understand that there was no objection to our people settling in that country. (1)

-- Aug 3, 1899; Thursday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office. An order was issued for $87.60 to pay the fares of Sister Emmeline B. Wells and Sister Susa Y. Gates from New York to Salt Lake City; an order having previously been issued on the Liverpool [England] Office for their fares across the ocean. This amount included $15 for sleeping berths, and also $4 for Brother John W. Taylor, on account of his railroad fare to Canada; his passes covering every other expense.

Salt Lake Temple, 11 a.m. The First Presidency met with the Apostles in regular council. Present: Lorenzo Snow, Joseph F. Smith, Franklin D. Richards, Francis M. Lyman, John Henry Smith, George Teasdale, Anthon H. Lund, Rudger Clawson. ...

The question was considered as to the wisdom of withdrawing our missionaries from the State of Georgia, in view of the recent mobbings of our Elders there. Brother Cowley had suggested to President Snow that this be done, and Brother Lyman now favored the suggestion. President Snow, however, seeing that the Governor of that State had issued a call upon the people to uphold the law, thought it would be well to note the effect of that call, before acting upon the suggestion.

A communication from Manager H[orace]. G. Whitney of the Deseret News, in relation to the printing of a missionary hymn

book, had been referred to a committee consisting of President Franklin D. Richards, Anthon H. Lund and George Reynolds. The News had learned that the Cannon and Sons Company was about to publish the hymn book, and he wanted to know if this was not properly the province of the Deseret News establishment. The report of the committee was to the effect that to the Deseret News office properly belonged the publication of all important Church works, including this particular book.

President Richards now brought to the attention of the Council another communication from the manager of the News, stating that he had learned that Cannon and Sons had copyrighted the work, a fact of which President Richards was already apprised. It was suggested by Brother Lund that the Deseret News print a smaller edition of this work, which he believed would be more popular than the one copyrighted by the Cannon and Sons Company. The suggestion met with general asent. ...

A communication was read from George D. Pyper, Secretary of the Sunday School Union board, stating that they were about to publish cards containing the Lord's prayer, for use in Sabbath schools, some of which had adopted the scriptural version as given by St. Matthew, while others used the version given by the Prophet Joseph Smith. The Board sought the mind of the First Presidency. Expressing themselves upon this matter, some of the brethren felt that we should not perpetuate the error in the scriptural version of the prayer, and that therefore the Prophet Joseph's version should be used. Others thought the scriptural version should be adhered to, but that pains should be taken to correct the error. President Smith moved that the Council recommend to the Sunday School Union Board the printing of the Prophet Joseph's version, and the motion was seconded by Brother Clawson. On motion of Brother Lyman, however, action was deferred until the return of President [George Q.] Cannon, the General Superintendent of the Deseret Sunday School Union. ... (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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