Lorenzo Snow, Jan 25, 1999

-- Jan 25, 1999
At 11 o'clock, a.m., the meeting of the First Presidency and the Apostles. There were present, Presidents Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith, of the First Presidency and the following Apostles: Francis M. Lyman, George Teasdale, Anthon H. Lund, Matthias F. Cowley and Abraham O[wen]. Woodruff. Elders Brigham Young [Jr.] was in Arizona; John Henry Smith in Washington [D.C.]; Heber J. Grant and Rudger Clawson at St. Johns [Arizona]. ... A long letter from President Andrew Kimball, dated the 2nd inst., was read. It contained a most encouraging report of the feelings prevailing among the saints of his stake. Brother Kimball mentioned two points on which he desired an expression from the Presidency. First, himself and associate brethren have undertaken to build a canal, and they propose doing it piecemeal as their time and means will permit. A number of wealthy men offer to advance money for the purpose of pushing it right through, but Brother Kimball's judgment is against borrowing, and if the Presidency approve of his judgment he asked that they express themselves in letter to him so that he may allay feelings that may exist contrary to that view. The other question was in relation [to] the necessity of one of the Apostles visiting them once or twice a year with authority to perform sealing ordinances. It was agreed that on both these points Elder Kimball should be written to expressing the approval of the Presidency and the council. ... ... There was considerable discussion regarding the division of the Salt Lake Stake and the creation of the Granite Stake, south of Salt Lake City. ... The princip[al] subject taken up was the division of Salt Lake Stake. It was argued at great length as to where the division should be made, at 13th or at 10th So[uth]. St[reet]. M[atthias]. F. Cowley made a motion to make the division at 13th So[uth]. but it rec[eive]d no second. Pres[iden]t. [George Q.] Cannon & [Joseph F.] Smith said we had taken an expression of the people of Farmer's W[ar]d & Sugar House & the majority had favored 10th So[outh]. St[reet]. He believed this division should be made. Bro[ther]. Cowley then with-drew his first motion & moved to divide at 10th So[uth]. I seconded it & it was carried. Pres[iden]t. Jos[eph]. F. Smith alone voting in the contrary. (1)

-- Jan 26, 1900; Friday
Bro[ther] Joseph E. [Taylor] Called to see me and told me of how things looked regarding organizations &c. He said his wife Mattie who he said is a very close observer of things, remarked to him as they returned from Conference on Sunday night last:--she never witnessed a person exhibit more egotism than Bro[ther]. [Francis M.] Lyman did in his conduct at the meetings last Sunday. I said:--if I was to do what my natural feelings would lead me to do, instead of speaking of it to any one else I should tell Bro[ther]. L[yman]. of it to his face.

Bro[ther]. T[aylor]. advised that I do not do it. I told him I had received evidences that Pres[ident]. Lorenzo Snow is a just

man and although he appears pliable, associated as he is and his Councilors are with the Twelve, he will permit nothing to be done to the injury of the Church. I further said, I know God will overrule every event, wherein His servants appear to act foolish, to promote His glory and the final triumph of His work, let things appear to go as they may. I only feel particularly exercised about my own conduct, lest I go wrong and lead others to do the same. (2)

1 - Journal History; Abraham Owen Woodruff, Diary
2 - Angus M. Cannon, Diary

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