Lorenzo Snow, Jul 26, 1901; Friday

-- Jul 26, 1901; Friday
President Lewis W. Shurtliff and a couple of brethren from Ogden [Utah] had an interview with President Lorenzo Snow today. They urged that the Utah Light and Power Co[mpany]., build their contemplated dam as it would be a benefit to the farmers of Weber county [Utah]. (1)

-- During July, 1901
Woman's Auxiliary organizations' building-- This was the projection of the Woman's Auxiliary organizations combined office building which was later built on north Main Street in Salt Lake City across the street east of the Salt Lake Temple. When built it served the auxiliaries named for over half a century.


Feeling the necessity of a Central Woman's Building, the Relief Society, Young Ladies' Mutual Improvement Association and Primary Association have joined forces for the purposes of erecting one in Salt Lake City.

We commend the undertaking and have contributed a valuable building site opposite the Temple, valued at $18,000.

LORENZO SNOW, JOSEPH F. SMITH. {1901-July-Woman's Exponent, July, 1901, p. 12.} (2)

-- Aug 1, 1901; Thursday
The Council of the Presidency and Apostles was held in the Temple today, President Joseph F. Smith presiding in the absence of President Lorenzo Snow. ...

A letter from Elder John W. Taylor, dated Magrath [Canada] 23rd ult. was read. He stated that the crops of that region of country never looked so promising before. Mr. Haultain, President of the Northwest Council and Mr. Siftner, Minister of Public works, both from Regina, came to see him and during the conversation he laid before them the necessity of establishing in the district in which our settlements are situated, local option, by which measure our people will be able to prevent the coming in of saloons, one of which has already made its appearance among the Saints. Elder Taylor also asked these gentlemen to use their influence in Government circles by way of offering the usual inducements to railroad companies to extend its line to Cardston, Leavitt, Mountain View, and Caldwell. They promised cheerfully to comply with these requests. Elder Taylor also stated that two artesian wells are to be driven by the government, one at Stirling and one at Magrath. He also states that Brother Jesse Knight has closed a deal with the railroad company to erect a sugar factory between Magrath and Stirling within two years from date, and has secured an option for twelve years on all the available land for settlement between these two points. Brother Taylor concluded his letter with the information that he had met with an accident and had broken one or two ribs, but was now convalescent at his brother Hyrum's home. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes
2 - Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)

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