LDS History, 1846 June

-- During 1846 June
A call was made, by the general government, for the Mormon Battalion. (1)

-- During June 1846
[Heber C. Kimball] Arrives in what becomes Council Bluffs, Iowa (2)

-- Jul 16, 1846
Mormon Battalion mustered into U.S. service in Iowa. (3)

Ezra T. Benson is ordained an apostle and member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. (4)

[Quorum of the Twelve] Ezra T. Benson ordained. (5)

-- Jul 21, 1846
[U.S. Religious History] Mormons founded the first English settlement in the San Joaquin Valley of California. (6)

-- Jul 31, 1846
Ship Brooklyn arrived in San Francisco bay. (7)

-- During 1846 July
Thomas Kane visited the Saints on the Missouri River; U.S. Army enlisted approximately 500 volunteers for the Mormon Battalion. (7)

The Mormon Battalion is formed. Brigham Young prophesies that the recruits won't see battle and will perform a great service for their country. Many people join up despite the difficulties of the time. They send as much money to their families and the church as possible. (4)

-- Aug 12, 1846th
[Deseret] at Twenty Wells, now Grantsville, members of the Harlan-Young Party buried John Hargrave; the first emigrant laid to rest in Utah soil. (8)

-- Aug 13, 1846
Mormon Battalion began its 2,000-mile march from Fort Leavenworth to San Diego, California. (7)

-- 1846 10-17 September
Battle of Nauvoo. (7)

-- Sep 10, 1846
11, 12. Battles took place between the citizens of Nauvoo and the mob. (1)

-- Sep 16, 1846
The Trustees of the Church, in Nauvoo, made a treaty with the mob for the surrender of the city, and its immediate evacuation by the remnant of the Saints. (1)

-- Sep 23, 1846
Saints encamped at Winter Quarters. (7)

-- During September 1846
[Heber C. Kimball] Moves family to Winter Quarters, Nebraska. (2)

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