LDS History, Oct 1, 1845

-- Oct 1, 1845
[Lucy Mack Smith] The Twelve negotiate an agreement with Governor Thomas Ford that they will leave Nauvoo in the spring. (1)

-- Oct 6, 1845
[Lucy Mack Smith] William Smith is not sustained, either as an apostle or as church patriarch by the conference, during the first day of a three-day conference. (1)

[Quorum of the Twelve] William Smith dropped from Quorum. He was excommunicated October 19, 1845. (2)

-- Oct 8, 1845
[Lucy Mack Smith] Lucy speaks at her own request on the third day of the conference, telling stories from her book and expressing a desire to see it printed. (1)

-- 12/Oct 19, 1845
[Lucy Mack Smith] William Smith is excommunicated. (1)

-- Oct 29, 1845
[Lucy Mack Smith] William Smith publishes a lengthy "Proclamation" in the Warsaw Gazette accusing Brigham Young of usurpation and painting a pitiable picture of Lucy's age and poverty. (1)

-- Nov 10, 1845
[Lucy Mack Smith] Brigham Young and several apostles discuss buying Lucy's copyright; they decide instead to have Howard Coray make a copy. (1)

-- Nov 30, 1845
President Brigham Young dedicates the Attic of the Nauvoo Temple, so that as many saints as possible could receive their endowments, before they abandoned the city for the West. (3)

-- Dec 10, 1845-Feb 7, 1846
Saints completed more than 5,000 endowments in the Nauvoo Temple. (4)

-- Dec 10, 1845
[Lucy Mack Smith] Lucy is endowed again with Elizabeth Ann Whitney, Agnes Coolbrith Smith, Mary Fielding Smith, and Mercy Fielding Thompson but refuses Brigham Young's January offer to have her sealing to Joseph Sr. and second anointing reconfirmed. (1)

-- Dec 15, 1845
The Welsh Mission is Organised, on this Day. (3)

The Welsh Mission was organized on this day in 1845. (3)

-- 1845
Church Membership at end of year: 30,332
New Converts : 4,186
Percent Change from previous year: 16.01% (5)

Planning for the Mormon Exodus to the west begins. (6)

The population of Nauvoo is estimated to have reached about 12,000 inhabitants, becoming the second-largest city in Illinois. Chicago had about 15,000 inhabitants at the same time. (6)

-- During 1845-1850, 1854-1856
* Robert Lang Campbell -- primary scribal author for this period. Writings used in assembling The History of the Church (often cited as HC) (originally entitled History of Joseph Smith; first published under the title History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; nicknamed Documentary History of the Church or DHC) (7)

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