LDS History, 18/May 19, 1847

-- 18/May 19, 1847
[Lucy Mack Smith] William Smith marries Caroline's younger sister, Roxie Ann Grant. After the births of two children, Thalia and Hyrum Wallace, they separate. (1)

-- Jul 16, 1847
Mormon Battalion disbanded at Los Angeles. (2)

-- 1847 21-24 July
First pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. (2)

-- July 22-24, 1847
[Financial] Having emigrated from Nauvoo following the death of Joseph Smith, the first companies of Latter-day Saints, under the leadership of Brigham Young, arrive in the valley of the Great Salt Lake. On July 28, Young selects the site for the Salt Lake Temple and proposes the layout of a new city. (3)

-- Jul 22, 1847
[U.S. Religious History] The first group of Mormon immigrants entered the Salt Lake Valley, still Mexican territory at that time. Not long thereafter, Mormon leader Brigham Young founded Salt Lake City, Utah. (4)

-- Jul 24, 1847
[Deseret] William Carter broke the first ground and laid the first furrow in the Valley. (5)

[Deseret] the first party of Mormon pioneers arrive in the Salt Lake Valley to establish a new home free of religious persecution. (5)

Mormon Pioneers found Salt Lake City as the first city of the State of Deseret. (6)

President Brigham Young entered Salt Lake Valley. (7)

The Pioneers entered Great Salt Lake Valley. (8)

Brigham Young enters the Salt Lake Valley, the journey from Winter Quarters having taken him 111 days. He is one of the last members of the pioneer company to enter the valley due to ill health. On the same day pioneers started planting their crops. (9)

The first settlers arrive in the Salt Lake Basin. This is later memorialized at This Is The Place Heritage Park in Emigration Canyon. (10)

[Heber C. Kimball] Arrives in the Great Salt Lake Valley. (11)

[Wilford Woodruff] Arrives in the Great Salt Lake Valley. (12)

-- Jul 28, 1847
Site selected for the Salt Lake Temple. (2)

Traveling with a group of leaders, Brigham Young puts his cane in the ground and marks the location of the future Salt Lake Temple. (10)

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