LDS History, Sep 15, 1843

-- Sep 15, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith put up a sign outside his home, explaining his decision to use the Nauvoo Mansion as a hotel. (1)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph announces that the Mansion House will operate as a hotel. The Relief Society prays that Emma's life will be spared. (2)

-- Sep 16, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith went in company with his staff to view the parade of the Nauvoo Legion, who saluted and received him with military honors. (1)

-- Sep 17, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith made some remarks following the sermon of Mr. Blodgett, a Unitarian minister, and disagreed with some of his ideas concerning the nature of persecution. (1)

-- Sep 19, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith had William W. Phelps reply to a recent letter from Thomas Ford, governor of Illinois, and send him a copy of the resolutions passed at the meeting of the mobocracy at Carthage. (1)

-- about Sep 20, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. After hearing a boarder at the Smith home insult one of the hired servants, Joseph Smith demanded that he leave. (1)

-- Sep 28, 1843
Joseph Smith and his wive, Emma, becomes the first couple to receive their Second Anointing in a meeting of the Anointed Quorum. (3)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith was chosen president over a special council of elders that met above the Red Brick Store. (1)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph introduces fulness of priesthood ordinances. (4)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Emma receives her second anointing, thus becoming part of the elite "Quorum of the Anointed," consisting of couples in Joseph's inner circle. (2)

-- Oct 1, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith published an invitation to donate money for Elder George J. Adamss mission to Russia in the Church newspaper Times and Seasons. (1)

-- Oct 2, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to Lucien Adams. (1)

-- Oct 3, 1843
[Joseph Smith] Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph and Emma Smith hosted a dinner at their new Mansion House for about 100 brethren and their wives. (1)

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