LDS History, 1854-56

-- During 1854-56
[John Taylor] Serves a mission in New York, where he superintends the affairs of the Church in the eastern states. Publishes a newspaper titled The Mormon. (1)

-- During 1854-1857
[Joseph F. Smith] Serves mission to Sandwich Islands (Hawaii). (2)

-- During 1854-55
[Lucy Mack Smith] William Smith writes Brigham Young letters for two years begging/demanding that his apostleship be restored. His own attempt to organize a church has failed. (3)

-- During 1854
[OREGON TRAIL] Most of the 10,000 emigrants on the trails this year are headed for Oregon. Problems arise as an Army command is annihilated near Fort Laramie, precipitating a three-year Indian war. (4)

[Periodicals] LDS Millennial Star and Monthly Visitor, The; Richard Ballantyne Madras, India (Periodical) (5)

-- During 1854-1855
[Periodicals] Saint Louis Luminary, The; Erastus Snow St. Louis, Missouri (News Paper) (5)

-- During 1854-1886
[Periodicals] Journal of Discourses; George D. Watt Liverpool, England (Periodical) (5)

-- Jan 31, 1855
[Lucy Mack Smith] Brigham Young writes to the Millennial Star requesting that it stop reprinting articles from The Seer because of its "erroneous doctrine." He also notes that Biographical Sketches contains "many mistakes." This notice is printed in the 12 May 1855 issue. (3)

-- During 1855 January
[Utah War] Brigham Young's appointment as Governor was due to expire (6)

-- Feb 18, 1855 - 6 November 1911
[Change in Presiding Church Patriarch Office] John Smith Son of Hyrum Smith (7)

-- Feb 18, 1855
[Utah War] Having heard that Pres. Pierce had appointed Col. Steptoe as governor to replace Brigham Young, Young spoke highly of Steptoe and endorsed his appointment in a sermon delivered at the Tabernacle: " the praise of the gallant gentleman referred to, if there was going to be a gentleman called upon to be our Governor, there is not a man, out of the Kingdom of God, that I would listen to sooner, and feel more confidence and cordiality towards, than to him." (JD 2:187-188) (6)

-- Mar 21, 1855
[Lucy Mack Smith] In the Deseret News, Pratt publishes an apology and a retraction of his claim in the preface that Joseph Smith had been personally involved in at least part of Biographical Sketches. (3)

-- May 5, 1855
Endowment House on Temple Block dedicated at Salt Lake City. [See Temple Ordinances.] (8)

Endowment House dedicated in Salt Lake City. (9)

The Endowment House in Salt Lake City was dedicated. (10)

-- Jun 29, 1855-30
[Utah War] Judge Leonidas Shaver was found dead, diagnosed as the result of a disease of the ear and brain. He was honored at his funeral by the attendance of Mormons and Mormon leaders who participated in the event expressing "more heart felt grief & sympathy than has ever been manifested for any person not a mormon who ever died in our midst." (Hosea Stout diary). Judge Drummond, in his March 30, 1857 letter of resignation, claimed he was poisoned on the order of Mormon leaders. (6)

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