LDS History, 1856, October

-- During 1856, October
Willie and Martin handcart companies detained by early snowstorms. Found by rescue party from Salt Lake Valley. (1)

-- Nov 9, 1856
Captain James G. Willie's Handcart Company arrived in Salt Lake City. Suffered 67 deaths of a company of 500. (2)

-- Nov 22, 1856
Heber J. Grant (1856-1945) b. Salt Lake City. (2)

Heber J. Grant born in Salt Lake City. (3)

Heber J. Grant, Seventh President of the Church is Born, on this day. (4)

[Heber J. Grant] Heber Jeddy Grant is born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Rachel Ridgeway Ivins Grant and Jedediah Morgan Grant. Hebers father, who served as Second Counselor to President Brigham Young, dies nine days later. (5)

-- Nov 30, 1856
Martin Handcart Company arrived, Salt Lake City. Suffered between 135 and 150 deaths. (2)

-- Dec 1, 1856 - 4 January 1857
[1st Presidency Changes] Brigham Young Heber C. Kimball Death of Jedediah M. Grant (6)

-- Dec 1, 1856
Jedediah M. Grant dies. (7)

-- 1856
Church Membership at end of year: 63,881
New Converts : -93
Percent Change from previous year: -0.15% (8)

-- 1856 1856
During this year the practice of paying tithing was generally introduced among the Saints in Europe. During the winter and spring there was a great scarcity of food in Utah, and many domestic animals perished. (9)

-- During 1856
On October 2 the Deseret Agriculture and Manufacturing Society commenced its first exhibition in Salt Lake City called the Deseret State Fair. (10)

[Deseret] Salt Lake City is officially designated as the capital of territorial Utah. (10)

-- During 1856-1857
"Mormon Reformation." [See Reformation (LDS) of 1856-1857.] (2)

-- During 1856
Mormon Reformation. (3)

Jedediah M. Grant, Second Counselor to President Brigham Young, is sent to preach in the Reformation of 1856. (7)

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