LDS History, Sep 9, 1850

-- Sep 9, 1850
[Deseret] The Great Compromise of 1850 is signed into law, creating the Utah Territory and appointing Brigham Young governor. (1)

Territory of Utah created by Congress; Brigham Young appointed governor 11 days later. (2)

The "Act" for organizing the Territory of Utah became a law. (3)

[Utah War] Utah was made a territory by the Organic Act signed by President Millard Fillmore. (4)

-- Sep 29, 1850
[Deseret] President Millard Fillmore appoints Brigham Young first governor of Utah Territory. (5)

-- Sep 30, 1850
[Utah War] Congress confirmed Fillmore's list of appointees for the new Utah Territory: Brigham Young was appointed Governor; Broughton D. Harris (Vermont), secretary; Seth M. Blair (Utah), U.S. attorney; Joseph L. Heywood (Utah), U.S. marshal; Lemuel G. Brandebury (Pennsylvania), chief justice; Perry E. Brocchus (Alabama), associate justice; Zerubbabel Snow (Ohio), associate justice. (4)

[Utah War] Harris, Brandebury and Brocchus soon left their offices and wrote very negative reports of their experience making serious accusations against Brigham Young and other Mormons. (4)

-- Sep 9, 1850
[Deseret] New Mexico and Utah are organized as a territories. (5)

-- Oct 13, 1850
The first company of P. E. Fund emigrants arrived in Salt Lake City, from the United States. (3)

-- Nov 1, 1850
The Italian Mission is organised on this day. (6)

-- Dec 7, 1850
The first branch of the Church, in France, was organized at Paris. (3)

-- 1850
Church Membership at end of year: 51,839
New Converts : 3,679
Percent Change from previous year: 7.64% (7)

[Deseret] 11,380 settlers called the newly created Utah Territory their home. (8)

[Deseret] Compromise of 1850 admits California as a free state, eliminates the slave trade in the District of Colombia, establishes Utah and New Mexico without restrictions on slavery, and requires the return of fugitive slaves. (8)

[Deseret] First census of the new Utah territory is taken by the federal government. (8)

[Deseret] Iron ore was discovered near Cedar City, Utah. (8)

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