LDS History, Oct 6, 1849

-- Oct 6, 1849
the Deseret Dramatic Association was organized in Salt Lake City. (1)

The organization of the P. E. Fund Company was commenced. (2)

-- Oct 12, 1849
[Financial] The First Presidency announces the creation of the Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company and Perpetual Emigrating Fund to assist impoverished Latter-day Saints living abroad with the expense of traveling to Utah. The company begins its operations in early 1850 with $5,000, successfully leading a wagon train from Kanesville, Iowa, to Salt Lake City. By the fall of 1850, the fund has grown to $20,000.
PEF loans to Latter-day Saints to assist them in traveling to Utah eventually create an immense amount of debt owed to the church. At the time of Brigham Young's death in 1877, more than $1 million is owed to the fund by emigrants. (3)

-- During 1849 October
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Moves to Salt Lake City. (4)

Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company established. (5)

-- During Fall 1849
[Lucy Mack Smith] Lucy, Mary, and the Millikins apparently move to Webster, Hancock County, Illinois. (6)

-- Nov 14, 1849
[Lucy Mack Smith] After reading the Wight correspondence (published by Isaac Sheen), Orson Hyde, editor of the Frontier Guardian, scaldingly accuses William of being a neglectful son. (6)

-- Dec 9, 1849
First Sunday School organized in Rocky Mountains by Richard Ballantyne. (5)

Sunday School organized by Richard Ballantyne. (7)

-- Dec 27, 1849
[Utah War] Senator Stephen A. Douglas presented the memorial for statehood drafted by Bernhisel and Almon Babbitt to Congress, but asked that Utah be organized either as a state or territory. (8)

-- 1849
Church Membership at end of year: 48,160
New Converts : 7,683
Percent Change from previous year: 18.98% (9)

[Deseret] In mid-June the first gold-rushers reach Salt Lake City to briefly rest, attain supplies, and rest their animals. (10)

[Deseret] Mormon pioneers built "Fort Utah" on a Utah Valley stream that had generally been known as the Timpanogos. (10)

[Deseret] The October LDS Conference directed the establishment of the city of "Provo," named after Etienne Provost. (10)

Constitutional convention proposes the State of Deseret which encompasses the entire Great Basin. (1)

[Deseret] First post office established in Salt Lake City. (1)

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