LDS History, May 1, 1871

-- May 1, 1871
Ground was first broken for the Utah Southern Railroad. (1)

-- Jun 30, 1871
Acting-Governor of Utah, George A. Black, issued a proclamation forbidding any of the militia of the Territory to assemble for the purpose of celebrating the ninety-fifth anniversary of American Independence. (1)

-- During 1871 September
President Brigham Young is indicted for adultery due to his plural marriages. (2)

-- Oct 02, 1871
[U.S. Religious History] Brigham Young, Mormon leader, was arrested for bigamy. (3)

-- Oct 10, 1871
President B. Young was arrested by U.S. Marshal on an indictment founded on a charge of "lascivious cohabitation." (1)

-- Nov 9, 1871
The St. George Utah Temple is announced. Simultaneously, the dedication and groundbreaking ceremonies are held by Brigham Young. (2)

-- 1871
Church Membership at end of year: 95,596
New Converts : 5,466
Percent Change from previous year: 6.06% (4)

[Deseret] John Wesley Powell names a butte, valley, and Green River crossing for Gunnison when he passes through the region. (5)

-- During 1871-1873
[Deseret] Kanab serves as John Wesley Powell's field headquarters during his second expedition, which yielded several important maps and photographs of the Colorado Plateau. (5)

-- During 1871
[Deseret] Dedication of First Catholic Church in Utah (St. Mary Madeleine). (6)

In Utah the Mormon temple in St. George was completed. This was the 3rd Mormon temple to be built in the US and the first one in Utah. (7)

-- Jan 2, 1872-25 April
Brigham Young placed under house arrest for bigamy; never brought to trial. (8)

-- Jun 1, 1872
The first number of the "Woman's Exponent" was issued in Salt Lake City. (1)

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