LDS History, May 10, 1869

-- May 10, 1869
Transcontinental Railroad completed at Promontory Point, Utah. (1)

The First Transcontinental Railroad is completed at Promontory Summit, north of the Great Salt Lake. The railroad brings increasing numbers of non-Mormons into the state, and several influential non-Mormon businessmen would make fortunes in the territory. (2)

-- Jun 25, 1869
First Saints to immigrate completely by railroad from the East arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. (1)

-- Sep 3, 1869
[Quorum of the Twelve] Ezra T. Benson dies. (3)

-- Nov 28, 1869
Young Ladies' Retrenchment Association organized by Brigham Young, forerunner of modern Young Women organization. (4)

Young Women program initiated under the title Young Ladies' Retrenchment Association. (1)

Young Ladies Retrenchment Association organized, forerunner of Young Women program. (5)

-- 1869
Church Membership at end of year: 88,432
New Converts : 3,810
Percent Change from previous year: 4.50% (6)

-- During 1869 December
Godbeite movement began. (1)

-- During 1869
[Brigham Young] The railroad comes to Utah. The Young Men and Young Women Mutual Improvement Associations are organized. (7)

[Deseret] John Wesley Powell explores the Colorado River. (8)

[Deseret] First non-Mormon church building in Utah (Church of the Samaritan) in Corinne is constructed. (9)

[Deseret] John Wesley Powell explores the Colorado River. (9)

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