History of the Word of Wisdom, Apr 7, 1897

-- Apr 7, 1897
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 7th I slept some 5 hours after midnight. I washed and ate a little broiled beef, bread & cup of coffee at 7.40 then dressed and with Bro Nuttall drove to the City at 9 am.... (1)

-- Apr 8, 1897
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 8th I was a little restless at times during the night but slept about 6 hours after midnight. Ate a bowl of bread & milk. Dressed & left in carriage at 9.30 for the office. Attended to business. Saw several brethren & rested some. Madam Mountford called at 3 pm for a short time. At 4.30 drove to Elder Nuttalls residence and was comfortably provided for by he & his wife Sophia. Laid down & rested for 2 hours. Slept most of the time. Ate a bowl of bread & milk & some shrimps.

At 7.50 we drove to the Tabernacle & was seated on comfortable chairs provided by Bro Nuttall and listened to Madam Mountfords lecture on the Life of Jacob for 2 hours my wife Emma sitting by me. Drove down home deeming it best to do so, although Bro & Sister Nuttall had made every preparation for me to stay at their home all night. Arrived at 11.10. I drank some Hot Lemonade with a little brandy in it. Went to bed and soon to sleep. (1)

-- Apr 10, 1897
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 10th Had some distress in my stomach. Did not sleep good. Drank a cup of coffee at 7.30 and Slept for 3 hours... (1)

-- Apr 11, 1897
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 11th I slept some 3 hours after midnight. Ate a few stewed oysters & drank a cup of coffee for breakfast. Rested some during the day. At 6.20 p.m ate some bread & milk & had a bath. Laid down & Slept 2 hours. Was quite restless before midnight. (1)

-- Apr 13, 1897
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 13th I slept from 4 pm yesterday till 6 am some 7 1/2 hours. Had a cup of coffee & some bread & milk. I kept my room & rested.... (1)

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