History of the Word of Wisdom, Jan. 26, 1909

-- Jan. 26, 1909
[Temple] ... This is in answer to yours of the 14th inst., asking if the use of tobacco debarred a member of the Church, single or married, from the temple. The rule of the Church on this question is that all who enter the temple should be observers of the Word of Wisdom. And the rule of the Church is also that all of its members should receive the revelation called the Word of Wisdom, and be guided by it in their lives. But in this connection we may add by way of illustration that the fulness of the gospel has been restored to us, and it is our duty to preach it to the whole world; but because of this, it does not necessarily follow that all who receive it and yield obedience to its requirements by baptism afterwards live in strict accordance to its precepts. And so it is with reference to the Word of Wisdom among the members of the Church. Where elderly people may be found to be more or less lacking in their observance of the Word of Wisdom, and the question of their worthi
ness to be recommended to the temple comes before you for consideration, it will be in order for you and the Stake Presidency to consider together all such cases, deciding each on its own merits, and showing appropriate leniency to elderly people, as there can be no rigid rule for each and every case. * P.S. Our idea is that the cases to be referred to the Stake President for his and your consideration are those only that you yourselves cannot feel clear to act on. [Joseph F. Smith, John R. Winder, and Anthon H. Lund to William H. Seegmiller and counselors, Jan. 26, 1909] (1)

-- Wednesday, Feb 3, 1909
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

Most intense feeling is growing up in the Legislature over the question of Prohibition of the Liquor trafic.

My nephew Esdras Smith is very sick. (2)

-- Feb 11, 1909 (Thursday)
Wellsville, Cache Co., and Huntsville, Weber Co., Utah, adopted prohibition of the liquor traffic. (3)

-- Apr 20, 1909
[Thomas A. Clawson Diary] "On Monday I had to refuse to issue a Temple recoment (Sic) to bro. A.J. Gray because of his name being on the non-Tithing payers list also, of his bad habit in smoking. This is my first refusal and I was very sorry to have to do it." (4)

-- Wed., Aug 18, 1909
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Denver

At 10 a.m. Congress convened. Prest. Thos. Walsh presiding. Resolutions were Introduced. Gifford Pinchot spoke as did John W. Noble of Missouri.

The Congress as a body went out to Wolhurst the Country home of President T. F. Walsh. There were 14 car loads of People. We were Royally entertained. It is a most beautifull place. Coffee, Lemonade, Sandwichs, Cake and Ice cream went the Round, all seemed most happy.... (2)

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