History of the Word of Wisdom, Friday, May 12, 1911

-- Friday, May 12, 1911
[Second Counselor John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

The Prohibition Committee called at the Office in the morning and secured the use of the Tabernacle to speak on Temperance on Sunday. (1)

-- During 1911
[Prohibition] In 1911 Republicans still opposed a statewide law prohibiting alcohol, but they did go along with legislation that provided for a local option. With the local option, most rural towns passed "dry" laws, but urban centers like Salt Lake City and Ogden did not. (2)

-- During 1911-1916
[Utah Immigration] The short-lived (1911-1916) Jewish agricultural colony of Clarion, Sanpete County, was a rare non-Mormon settlement inhabited exclusively by Jewish immigrants, primarily from Russia, and their children. Elsewhere, immigrants often tended to concentrate in particular neighborhoods within larger communities. In Bingham Canyon alone there were the perjoratively nicknamed Greek Town, Jap Town, Bohunk Town (South Slavs), and Frog Town (French-Canadians). Ethnic community, fostered by benevolent and fraternal societies, newspapers, coffeehouses, boardinghouses, and sometimes churches, was only temporary for many groups, given the booms and busts of the mining industry which provided the major employment for many. (3)

-- During 1913
[Prohibition] PROHIBITION [p0000158.jpg] Decorated beer trucks in Salt Lake, 1913 (2)

-- During 1914
In 1914 various temperance groups organized to form the Utah Federation of Prohibition and Betterment League. (2)

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