History of the Word of Wisdom, Between 1923 and 1932

-- Between 1923 and 1932
[Prohibition] Between 1923 and 1932, Utah law enforcement officials uncovered 448 distilleries, 702 stills, thousands of pieces of distilling apparatus, 47,000 gallons of spirits, malt liquor, wine, and cider, and 332,000 gallons of mash. Yet this was only a small percentage of what was actually being produced, as practically every community and every neighborhood in the larger cities housed an illegal still. One of the easiest types of bootleg alcohol to produce was known as sugar whiskey. It required a 100-pound bag of sugar, a sack of cornmeal and a sack of yeast, which were mixed together and boiled in fifty-gallon drums. (1)

-- May 17, 1930
International Hygiene exposition at Dresden, Germany, includes LDS exhibit on Word of Wisdom. This is church's first formal participation in national or international exposition. In 1933, church has exhibit which includes sculptures by Avard Fairbanks in Hall of Religion at Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago. In 1935 church has its first exhibit building at California-Pacific International Exposition in San Diego. (2)

The Church participates in the first national/international exposition when the International Hygiene Exposition at Dresden, Germany, includes an LDS exhibit on the Word of Wisdom. (3)

-- During 1930
The Church‘s health code (Word of Wisdom) is featured in Dresden, Germany at the International Hygiene Exposition attracting 5,000 people each day and distributing 250,000 missionary pamphlets. (4)

-- Apr 2, 1932
Church began reemphasis on living the Word of Wisdom, launching a campaign against the use of tobacco. (5)

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