History of the Word of Wisdom, Feb. 28, 1944

-- Feb. 28, 1944
[Temple] ... Bishops should always remember that only those who are really worthy members of the Church should be given recommends. They are not to be issued to persons who do not sustain the General Authorities of the Church; who are not honest tithepayers or who do not undertake to become honest tithepayers, as distinguished from part tithepayers or token payers; who do not observe the Word of Wisdom or express a willingness to undertake to observe the Word of Wisdom; and who are not otherwise fully worthy by believing in and living the gospel. ... [David O. McKay diary, Feb. 28, 1944] (1)

-- Aug 16, 1944
First Presidency instructs its Hotel Utah to stop serving liquor. (2)

-- During 1946
(Matthew Cowley) Spent much of his life serving in alcoholic rehabilitation programs, counseling alcoholics and their families, and speaking to Alcoholics Anonymous groups. (3)

-- Jul 14, 1949
Presiding Bishop LeGrand Richards approves installation of cigarette vending machine in bus terminal of Church's Temple Square Hotel. (2)

-- Oct 16,1951
[Utah] Temple council of First Presidency, Quorum of Twelve Apostles and Patriarch to church decides to allow beer commercials on church-owned KSL television station. (4)

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