History of the Word of Wisdom, Mar 27, 1994

-- Mar 27, 1994
SALT LAKE TRIBUNE article, "The Ups and Downs of Prozac-Utah's Favorite Drug." The reporter quotes a distinguished psychiatrist as saying: "the typical Utahn taking Prozac frequently is a housewife overwhelmed with a lot of children. She's not able to deal with an unresolved problem with a marriage, and wants a solution. She will say to her doctor that she is kind of depressed and they will prescribe it. What she really needs is family counseling or therapy." The psychiatrist later claims he was misquoted. (1)

-- During 2002
LA Times reports that Utah ranks #1 in anti-depressant and narcotic drug usage. (2)

-- Jul 5, 2007
A new Brigham Young University study using sophisticated eye-tracking technology showed that, to most adolescents, alcohol advertisers' "responsible drinking" messages might as well be written in invisible ink. (3)


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