History of the Word of Wisdom, July 9, 1954

-- July 9, 1954
[Temple] Considered a letter * about issuing temple recommends to nontithe payers. I explained that people who go to the temple should be full tithe payers and should observe the Word of Wisdom; that as a matter of fact, it is a question of their faith. Men who have a testimony of the Gospel and believe it should contribute to it and if they fail to keep their promise to observe these commandments the Bishop has a right to withhold the recommend, not wholly on the failure to pay tithing but because of their lack of faith in the Gospel. Their failure to pay tithing would indicate their lack of faith in the Gospel. [David O. McKay diary, July 9, 1954] (1)

-- Oct 12, 1954
.... Intermountain-based companies of national stature (not owned or controlled by LDS church) which have Mormon executives from their inception or at various times are ... Swire Coca-Cola USA... (2)

-- During 1954
In Doctrines of Salvation (1954), Vol 1:139-140, President Smith again comments about how life was transplanted from another earth.

... You also found Lucifer here, and all his associates, seeking to teach you all manner of false doctrine and trying to lead you astray; he sought to teach you to disobey law, to disregard commandments, and to freely eat of all the fruits and plants in the garden, of which you had been commanded not to partake; he taught you to forget the word of wisdom, to take the name of God in vain, and every other unholy and impure practices, and thus the years of youth went on, until by the bitters in life the law of repentance was awakened in your soul, and by this law you overcame temptation, turned away from sin as best you could, and sought to walk in obedience to all truth, and as you approached manhood, the law of matrimony came also before you. You accepted and obeyed, and entered into an everlasting covenant with one of the daughters of God, to be your wife and companion forever. ... (3)

-- Fri Feb 8, 1957
[David O. McKay Office Journal] 8:30 to 9:00 a.m.--The First Presidency met with Chief Cleon Skousen.

February 11, 1957: 8:30 a.m.--Met by appointment at his request Mayor Adiel Stewart. He wanted to know if the city fathers are moving along the right line in trying to clean up the city of lawbreakers, especially with regard to the dispensing of liquor through private lockers by some of the clubs here in the city. I told Mayor Stewart that we not only approve but consider it their duty to enforce the law. I further said that I think Chief Cleon Skousen is the best Chief of Police we have had for many a day, and that he is doing what he thinks is right, and that he (Mayor Stewart) should uphold him in what he is trying to do. (4)

-- Feb. 1, 1960
[Temple] ... Every Church member eight years of age or over must have a recommend to enter the temple. .... Before issuing recommends bishops will assure themselves by searching inquiry that the recipients are free from all kinds of immoral practices; that they have no affiliation, in sympathy or otherwise, with any of the apostate groups that are running counter to the established order of the Church; that they sustain the local and General Authorities of the Church; are full tithepayers, or will covenant to become such; that they observe the Word of Wisdom, abstaining from tea, coffee, tobacco, and liquor; and that they are fully worthy as evidenced by their observance of the whole gospel law including abiding by all conditions of their temple obligations.... (1)

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