Lorenzo Snow, 1896, December 6

-- 1896, December 6
Fast Day changed from first Thursday of month to first Sunday. (1)

-- Jan 1, 1897 (Friday)
This mission, which originally was known as the Swiss and Italian mission, was opened by Apostle Lorenzo Snow and fellow-laborers in 1850. After him the following Elders presided over the mission: Thos. B.H. Stenhouse from 1851; Daniel Tyler, Oct. 1, 1854; John L. Smith, Jan. 1856; Jabez Woodard, Oct., 1857; John L. Smith (second term) Jan. 24, 1861; Paul A. Schettler pro tem. Jan., 1864; Wm. W. Riter, 1864; W.P. Nebeker, 1865; Joseph S. Horne, May, 1867; Karl G. Maeser, June, 1868; Edward Schoenfeld, July, 1870; John Huber, June, 1872; John W. Stucki, June, 1874; Joseph S. Horne (second term) June, 1876; Henry Flamm, Oct. 1877; Serge L. Ballif, May, 1879; John Alder, May, 1881; Peter F. Goss, April 4, 1882; John Q. Cannon, Aug. 21, 1883; Fred W. Schoenfeld, May 16, 1884; John U. Stucki (second term), May 19, 1888; Theodore Brandley, Sept. 1, 1890; John Jacob Scharer, Sept. 15, 1891; J. H. Stoker, Feb. 7, 1894; and Geo. C. Naegle, April 28, 1894. (2)

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