Lorenzo Snow, Mar 24, 1898

-- Mar 24, 1898
(B. H. Roberts) March 5: The First Presidency, the Twelve, and Seven Presidents of Seventy continued to labor with the Democrat leader. "We spent the whole day here until six o'clock laboring with B. H. Roberts," Wilford Woodruff wrote. "He stood like Adamant and he is going to destruction." Roberts felt that the political manifesto constituted an infringement on basic civil liberties. He was suspended from ecclesiastical duties and given three weeks to recant. Two weeks later Heber J. Grant recorded that Roberts "held all the brethren at bay."

March 24: He walked the streets all night, wrestling with the dilemma of sacrificing principle or being stripped of his Church blessings. Just hours before the deadline, he decided to sign and was accepted back into fellowship.

1898. With approval from Quorum of the Twelve President Lorenzo Snow, Roberts ran for the House of Representatives and won by a plurality of 7000 votes. (1)

-- Sunday, Apr 3, 1898
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

President Lorenzo Snow is 84 years of age today. A fast meeting was held by the Temple workers at nine a.m. and many bore testamony. A good spirit was present. At the close of the services, Bp. John R. Winder in behalf of the Temple Workers presented a beautifull boquet to Prest. L. Snow. He made a neat speach, to which Prest. L. Snow responded. The Bouquet was of white flowers. Three large lillies represented the first presidency. Twelve White Roses the Apostles. Seventy white cornelilans the Seventies, and a base of many white flowers representative of the great body of Saints.

It is snowing today.

Prest. Geo. Q. Cannon and I testified we had seen the Saviour at the Temple meeting this morning. (2)

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