Lorenzo Snow, 1898. September 2

-- 1898. September 2
(Lorenzo Snow) : Lorenzo Snow, who had been president of the Quorum of the Twelve for nine years and president of the Salt Lake Temple for five, was informed of the death of President Wilford Woodruff. He immediately went to the Salt Lake Temple, donned his robes, and began a long session of prayer in the Holy of Holies. (1)

-- Sep 2, 1898
Death of Wilford Woodruff, only Utah church president to die outside Utah (in San Francisco, California, at the home of non-Mormon Isaac Trumbo); buried in Salt Lake City. Lorenzo Snow has a vision in the Salt Lake Temple where Jesus Christ instructs him to organize a First Presidency. A new First Presidency is organized eleven days later. Each of the previous three times a church president had died it had taken from twenty months to over three years to organize a new First Presidency. Apostle Brigham Young Jr. writes I his journal: "Pres Woodruff has passed away far from home and in the house of one I cannot believe to be an honest man." (2)

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